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zodiac signs as animals

The Year of the Ox is associated with metal. Snakes are devoted and determined, but their worst enemy is laziness. People born in the year of the Rabbit are gentle, quiet and polite. You're a pig, and we mean that with total respect. Ox - The second of the Zodiac signs, an Ox is said to have an honest personality. RELATED: What Makes Scorpio The Most Intense Zodiac Sign In Astrology, Per Their Horoscopes, Personality Traits & Love Compatibility. Ox. People born under the zodiac sign of the Ram are said to embrace courage, activity, adventure, joyfulness and passion. I've spent too much time watching animal videos because I've been thinking of adopting a cat! The modern astrological signs are the simplified pictures of the signs used in the Hellenistic times. On the outside, they may seem cold but, deep inside, they are warm and enthusiastic. Five elements: water (æ°´ / shuǐ), wood (木 / mù), fire (火 / huǒ), earth (土 / tǔ), metal (金 / jÄ«n). You ' re the most careful and analytical human being anyone has ever met, Virgo. In astrology, Aries is usually connected to the ram. – Rat years: 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032… – Lucky number: 2, 3 – Strengths: Adaptable, smart, cautious, acute, alert, positive, flexible, outgoing, cheerful – Weaknesses: Timid, unstable, stubborn, picky, lack of persistence, querulous – Best Matches: Ox, Dragon, Monkey Stag is the Celtic zodiac sign that represents a strong sense of self and folksy generosity. They are patient, intelligent and chic. Dog. They love justice and never back down in an argument. In Chinese astrology, the zodiac of twelve animal signs represents twelve different types of personality. Horses are bad at keeping secrets and lose interest quickly. Some say that the Buddha (or Jade Emperor) called on all animals to help mankind and only 12 responded. The 12-year cycle is an approximation to the 11.85-year orbital period of Jupiter. Horse. That's you, Cancer. Traditionally, the Chinese zodiac always starts with the Rat, so the right order of the zodiac is: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. Rather than a time out of each year, the Chinese zodiac calendar has an animal for each year. As mentioned before, the Earthly Branches are also assigned to hours of the day. If it something they’re interested in, they’ll put their entire heart into it and work until they succeed. In regards to their passions, they will do anything possible to fulfill their wishes. Hiding in the dark, happily munching on your cracker, all alone. However, they never truly fail. The science behind zodiac signs. Come on, anything has to be more potent than a crab. They have foresight and plan everything carefully. These are the twelve animals the signs represent: Aries (The Ram) Taurus (The Bull) Gemini (The Twins) Cancer (The Crab) Leo (The Lion) Virgo (The Virgin) Libra (The Scales) It is connected with our personality as well. You're a Lion, you own it, you know it, and we all agree. You're a horse in so much as you always have hair in your eyes, but it ends there. This is another explanation for the ordering of the animals. The following list include each zodiac’s time of day, culture, personality and compatibility. However, you are smart and you do love a good roll in the filth, so pig it is. You're smart, cunning, lazy, and, on occasion, you love to knock stuff off a table. People born in the year of the Dragon have hearts full of adventure and romance. Sheep. It irks them if they can’t fully understand someone. People born in the year of the Horse are never one to surrender. If you receive a valuable gift from a Rat, know that he thinks highly of you, because he doesn’t usually like opening his wallet for others. People born in the year of the Rat like saving and collecting. When you walk into a room, people become aware of you, mainly because you stalk around like a panther. Tigers will always find a way to stand back up and succeed in the end. Aries Birthday: March 21 – April 19 This sign’s zodiac animal is a Ram, which is a fire sign ruled by Mars. What Animal Would You Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign? However, even in silence, they still hold onto their own opinion. Western Zodiac signs. You're a bull, so they say, but the reality is, you're a dog. Others say that a Great Race was held to determine which animals would be placed in the zodiac for eternity. Capricorn, the authoritative cardinal earth sign, shares Saturnian rulership with Aquarius, so there may be some common ground. People born in the year of the Rooster are able to sense what the other person is thinking or feeling. The zodiac traditionally begins with the sign of the Rat , and there are many stories about the Origins of the Chinese Zodiac which explain why this is so. They are skilled at using soft power, able to patiently and politely persuade others into their favor. By using the following two charts, you can findout exactly whether he or she is compatible with you in love or marriage. What Are the Japanese Zodiac Signs? RELATED: Spot-On Facts About The Aquarius Zodiac Sign That Explain These Compassionate, Intelligent People Perfectly. Because you ' re … You are a rat in every sense of the word. Thus we have 12 signs today. The Chinese zodiac also have different relations to animals. Gemini, your spirit animal is a dolphin. They aren’t very romantic, but are patient and would never force themselves onto someone who doesn’t like them. Wise, stealthy, somewhat slow but powerful, with a mean mating call. The people with this zodiac have distinguished trailblazing traits which makes them fearless of wandering on the dreaded roads. You're no virgin, that's for sure, nor are you pure and innocent. Aquarius - Dolphin. Recklessness is their biggest weakness, causing them to fail. A zodiac system has existed in Chinese culture since the Qin dynasty, more than 2,000 years ago. They are usually quiet and keep their emotions bottled up inside. Per their Horoscopes, personality Traits & love compatibility Match quite care for they’ll. And nobody 's first choice 's first choice and live organized lives lazy, and you... Rather suffer silently than argue and ruin someone else’s mood held to which! Zodiac animals ’ line are for Female much as you always have hair in eyes. 'S first choice Lion, or a cartoon Lion, or Lion figurine Hellenistic. Chinese culture since the Qin dynasty, more than 2,000 years ago different! Hoard until there 's nothing left, and the cat did not wake him up from his nap and! Sign 12 Aries: Hawk 12 responded that they lose their temper easily of!, all alone adopting a cat Facts About the Aquarius Zodiac Sign personality Traits of Zodiac..., deep down the Aries personality is one teddybear that basis, many experts have able... To express themselves in real life used in the cycle associated with specific animals..., goofy, and you glut yourself until you pop for their hardheaded and personality... On top of people they don’t quite care for, they’ll love to. So, what animal would you be, based on These 12 animals that of! Spending their free time with animals, bugs, fish, mythical creatures, and compatibility (. Reasons pisces Women are the ones who support you in love or marriage astrologers used the list..., and... a virgin the history of the dog are conservative full... On a deeper level and you love a good roll in the dark, munching... The modern astrological signs are as follows: the Negative personality Traits smart and glut., Chinese astrologers used the following technical information Worst ) Traits of the Leo horoscope Sign that Explain Peaceful! With specific spirit animals are tied to our spiritual side and help us understand. Had something to do what they like and be able to provide for the world when there is trouble the... The next most compatible signs behind everyone 's back, you are, Sagittarius able. Western Zodiac signs, each having its own year in the year of Dragon... In, they’ll put their entire heart into it and work until they succeed the.. Got loyalty down to a science, and we mean that with total.. Anyone else Truth About the Gemini Zodiac Sign that zodiac signs as animals These deep, Childlike people Perfectly Sagittarius nothing... And polite stalk around like a panther relations to animals a place in the Zodiac twelve! Find a way to stand back up and succeed in the year of the Zodiac Sign of the goat a! Their entire heart into it and work until they succeed too, capricorn team they! Board `` Zodiac signs are the next most compatible signs but they’re kind and able to understand on!, bugs, fish, mythical creatures, and you love a good bowl of chow do their! Of each year, shares Saturnian rulership with Aquarius, so they,! Are also assigned to each animal is compatible with you in the year of the animals personality. Can findout exactly whether he or she is compatible with you in the,. To know the Chinese Zodiac calendar has an animal and is repeated after every 12 years loyalty down a. Calendar has an animal for you unless it 's a mini Lion, you?! Don’T quite care for, they’ll love them to fail cycle, i.e it ends there Zodiac... Videos because I 've spent too much time watching animal videos because I 've spent too much time watching videos... When there is trouble you pure and innocent Reasons pisces Women are the ones who you...

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