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Also due to their small size, this species is a very sensitive fish. Do leave us questions and comments in the section below! With tankmates, 10 gallons is certainly a better choice. The typical Ember Tetra lifespan is between 2 and 4 years. However, if you stick to the recommended guidelines about temperament and size that opens up a bunch of options for you. Plants and decor are recommended as well. You should use this opportunity to move them to a fry tank where you can help them grow before introducing them to their own normal-sized tank. Hence some keepers opt to use mesh bottom tanks to aid in removing the adults later as they will eat their fries. The Ember Tetra is a cute and fun little freshwater fish that we recommend to aquarists of all experience levels. They mostly grow up to around 2cm in size (0.8inch). Since this fish originates from small rivers with slow flow, it is best to have some form of a powerhead or filtration to keep the water moving. The best medicine, of course, is prevention. However, there are certain species that you should steer clear of when picking a tank mate: By nature, the ember tetra is an opportunistic feeder and should do well with almost any fish in your local fish store. The fish inhabits in Brazil, in Araguaia River basin and in its tributary Rio das Mortes river. Reverse Osmosis Deionization: 5 Top Rated Filtration Units, Choosing the Perfect Liner for your Pond & Water Garden, Natural pH Control in a Freshwater Aquarium: a Practical Beginners Guide, LED Aquarium Lighting: 11 Great Fixtures for Freshwater, Planted and Reef Tanks. As such, it is best to only keep them once your tank is fully cycled to have the best success. With their fiery red/orange shade and small bodies, the ember tetra is one of the most beautiful fish in its family. Ich is a parasite that commonly takes on the form of ‘white spots’ on the bodies of fishes. Author Note: It’s very important to avoid overfeeding with these fish. This means a mixed diet of flake fish food and frozen or freeze-dried food is a great place to start. This is completely fine and is not something that you have to worry about. Both are a fiery red color, sometimes with a saturated orange gradient coloring. A Silent & Reliable Canister Filter: Which Brand to Trust? Due to their hardy and durable nature, there aren’t any species-specific diseases that plague the Ember Tetra. There should also be plenty of plants in the tank for hiding spaces and to mimic their natural environment. Tetra’s are among the most common and popular tropical fish. A wide variety of fishes are suitable as a tank mate for the ember tetra. Once they hatch, they are free-swimming and will require a source of food. Cory catfish, rasboras, Neon Tetras, and pygmy catfishes are all popular pairings that are compatible with the Ember Tetra. The neon tetra has blue and red streaks whereas the ember tetra is golden maple, almost red in appearance. These are shoaling fish which means you’ll almost always see them in a group. These fish will mind their own business and not bother other fish in the tank, even though they are relatively active. We’ve been recommending these fish to our friends for years, and now we’re doing the same with you! Even though Ember Tetras are hardy and easy to care for when it comes to water conditions, the most experienced aquarists tend to play it safe and test regularly. Once spawning has occurred the parents will leave the fry to fend for themselves. Due to their small size and fragile demeanor, it’s natural for them to want to avoid predators. In the aquarium, in order to mimic their natural environment, it is generally recommended that you keep them in slightly acidic water with a pH range between 5.8 to 6.8. The Ember Tetra is small, but quite active. When she's not writing about fish you can find her hiking, swimming, and doing yoga. The body is oval, slightly flattened on the sides, has an orange-red color. The small size and nature of Tetra fish often means they will school together in the aquarium. In terms of size, they usually grow up to 0.8 inches in length, so they are relatively small compared to other species of freshwater fish. Some people think these fish are essentially the same, just with different colors. However, it does require some technical knowledge. This is a little smaller than their popular Neon counterpartswhich is an important distinction to make. This attractive small fish was discovered in 1986 by Heiko Bleher, German popularizer of aquarium husbandry. Aquarists have had success feeding Ember Tetras anywhere from 2-4 times a day. Aiming for once or twice a week at minimum is a safe frequency. You will also need an air pump to keep the water moving in the fry tank. Just like any fish, you’ll want to give your Ember Tetras a balanced diet to help them thrive and live long lives. Remember to always ask a veterinarian for help regarding all of your pets. This species is of typical tetra shape but grows to a maximum overall length of … For the most part, males will also display dominant traits like chasing the females around to court her. The ember tetra (Hyphessobrycon amandae) is a freshwater fish of the characin family (family Characidae) of order Characiformes.It is native to the Araguaia River basin of Brazil and was discovered in 1987 and named in honor of the fish explorer Heiko Bleher's mother (Amanda Bleher).. Feed well you fishes since breeding tends to take a toll on their overall health. They are a peaceful fish, active and playful, and because of its size and ease of care, it will suit both a nano tank or a community aquarium making it a popular fish for any aquarist. They do better at warmer temperatures (somewhere in the high-70s to … nThe Ember Tetra (Hyphessobrycon Amandae) is a species of small freshwater fish. Origin: Tank-bred, but indigenous to South American Araguaia system; Average Adult Size: .6 - .8 inches (1.5-2 cm) Average Purchase Size: .25-.5 inch (.6-1.3 cm) The ember tetra can also feed on bloodworm and tubifex. One thing that’s worth noting when it comes to finding the right tank mates for Ember Tetras is the space they occupy in the aquarium. The ember tetra fish (Scientific name: Hyphessobrycon amandae) belongs to the characin family and is classified under freshwater vertebrate. Its dark appearance also serves as camouflage for the fish which reside within it. Their personality combined with vivid appearance makes them an outstanding choice. Ember Tetras that live in heavily planted tanks tend to live much longer than the ones that don’t. The word, tetra, denotes the small freshwater fishes that belong to the African and South American regions. Ember Tetra care is about as easy as it gets. It grows to a maximum length of about 2 inches. If you want to include a larger number of these fish together (somewhere in the 20-25 range) then you’ll want to up the tank size to 20 or 25 gallons. Alison has been interested in fish and aquariums for over five years. Ideally, you should have at least a 10-gallons tank to house a group of 5-8 fish, increasing by 1 gallon for every other ember tetras you might want to have. The Ember Tetra (Hyphessobrycon amandae) is a light orange with a semi-transparent body. I’m thinking about getting ember Tetras sometime in the future, and I was wondering what the cares problems and tank size they need? Gentle water flow is recommended. They are very peaceful and can be compatible with a wide variety of tank mates. Some of the best plants to include in their tanks are Java Moss, Hornwort, and Anacharis. It originates from the Araguaia river basin in Brazil and was discovered in 1987. Much like ich, fungal and bacterial infections arise due to the negligence of the owner. These tetras are a free spawning species but unlike the betta splendens, the ember tetra does not care for their fry. This is neat to watch because it makes a little flicker while they swim! In their natural habitat Ember Tetras are surrounded by heavy vegetation, so it’s what they’re comfortable with. Even though they are tiny fish, the ember tetras are not shy at all. For any breeding to happen, you will need to have mature males and females. This is one of the main benefits of owning these fish. These tetras are often observed to weave through plants and decorations throughout the day. We recommend that you keep at least 10-15 of these together to ensure that they feel comfortable and enriched by their buddies. Overall, we would really consider them model inhabitants! This very small fish is a candidate for so-called nano-aquariums, which are very small aquariums. They originate from the Araguaia River basin in South America. Their tiny size often baits aquarists into dropping in more food than necessary. Their body shape is somewhat elongated, with the abdomen of females during the breeding period being slightly oblate. He was the first to describe the fish in 1987 and named it after his mother Amanda Bleher, who was a researcher. In the wild, they will consume both plant and animal matter. There have been instances where an Ember Tetra has grown to be larger than an inch but that’s very uncommon. Ember Tetras are very fun fish to keep in your tank due to their general temperament and behavioral tendencies. This is something we’ve touched on a little bit in this guide already but it’s important enough to deserve its own section. Ember Tetras (Hyphessobrycon amandae) can be found most heavily in Central Brazil in the Araguaia River basin, although they have been sighted in areas surrounding this hotspot. Feeding them is easy as long as you can find something that will fit into their mouths. Its demand is increasing for the last few years due to its stunning, bright appearance and fun-loving nature. Therefore, it is best to only introduce them once the tank is well cycled. In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about Ember Tetra care. Ember Tetras are some of our favorite freshwater fish out there. I had a different post on Neon Tetras, I haven’t gotten a reply on when of my questions, but that was a question for ember Tetras… However, this species of fish is skittish. There are many different types of aquarium catfish out there. Thus they should be kept with fishes of similar size and disposition. Social Behavior: Peaceful, schooling/shoaling. ... Ember Tetra. Fishes like guppies, mollies, and neon tetras will do very well together with this one. They are also a schooling fish. Due to their preference for slightly acidic conditions, it is also best to have a pH in the range of 5.8-6.8. This is important to note because you’ll want to replicate this heavily planted environment in their tank as well. This is great news for aquarists of all experience levels and makes them a great low-maintenance fish to keep. Like all other tetras, Ember Tetra is too is very small. This is due to their small size, calm temperament, low cost, hardiness and strong colorations. Common name: Ember Tetra, Red Dwarf Tetra, Fire Tetra Scientific name: Hyphessobrycon Amandae Average Adult Fish Size: 0.8 inches / 2 cm Place of Origin: South America, in the state of Mato Grosso. As for food for the fry, most keepers opt to start with infusoria before moving on to bigger food items such as baby brine shrimp. Ember Tetras are fairly curious fish that will move from one area of the tank to another (as a group). These fish don’t want to be on their own. This doesn’t mean they can’t get health problems of course. The Ember Tetra is one of the smaller fish of their species. It’s always recommended to get an aquarium test kit and perform regular level tests. They’re very easy to take care of, well-mannered, and look stunning! These friendly fishes enjoy moving in big groups, even when kept in an aquarium. The average Ember Tetra size is just under 1 inch in length. The Ember Tetra is a gorgeous fish that will light up any aquarium. The size of these fish is often not visibly impacted by the quality of their care. It will require an aquarium of at least 50 liters or 11 Imp Gal or 13 US Gal so that it can spend its energy, with a length of frontage of at least 60 cm or 24 inch. The temperature should be on the higher side, we have had the most success with temperatures between 73-79 °F (23-26 °C). The flicker of bright color while they swim is worth the price of admission for sure! The small size of the Ember Tetra makes it suitable for smaller aquariums, 10 gallon or larger; however, their small size also means that hobbyists must maintain correct water parameters, provide an environment similar to their native habitat and choose tank mates carefully. You might also see them snacking on a plant from time to time. This really makes them stand out in most freshwater nano aquariums and means this fish will likely be a popular choice for years to come. They aren’t aggressive at all which is great when you start considering tank mates (details on that in the section below). Ember tetra school size in a 10 gallon I have a 10 gallon moderately/heavy planted tank with 1 male betta, 2 amano shrimp, and 2 pond snails. These fish are committed middle-dwellers and won’t venture to the top of bottom of the tank very often. Much like its cousin, the neon tetras, the ember tetra is a schooling fish that does very well in groups. With that being said, they will spend some time hiding out in the included plants. Keeping ember tetras is not difficult, as they are a hardy species and will survive most conditions. The eggs once laid, will fall to the bottom of the tank. In the wild, this fish eats a mixture of plants and very small invertebrates. To breed ember tetras, you will need a separate tank for the fry as they do make good snacks for the adults and other fishes. Author Note: While the presence of plants in their habitat is obviously important, you don’t want to go overboard. They have a fused anal end, a relatively small dorsal fin and a large caudal fin. This is important because feeding too much of processed food such as flakes and pellets can cause digestion issues. For more information, please check our, Dealing with Dead Pet Fish: Ethical Disposal Methods, Freshwater Stingray: Complete Species Profile. The Ember Tetra will accept many small foods such as brine shrimp or daphnia, freeze-dried bloodworms and tubifex, micro pellet food, and a high quality flake food. A dull Ember Tetra typically means it hasn’t been cared for properly at some point. They are on the small side only getting to be about .75 to 1 inch in size as adults. The actual egg-laying process happens in a matter of seconds and fertilization happens simultaneously. The Ember Tetra is mostly orange in color. Somewhere in the 6.5-6.8 region will do fine. The Ember Tetra are peaceful schooling fish, which should be kept in groups. The ideal tank size for Ember Tetras is 10 gallons at a minimum. The ember tetra is capable of laying a few hundred eggs every season. Types of Tetra Fish. Stagnant water breeds all sorts of bad stuff, like fungus and bacteria. If you overfeed an Ember Tetra it can lead to a multitude of health problems. They’re very low-maintenance in this regard! Having plants also has the benefit of oxygenating your tank and processing nitrates. Ember Tetra is a popular freshwater fish, highly sought-after by fish hobbyists because of its striking appearance, as well as a peaceful, friendly, and adaptable nature. Nonaggressive fish that are roughly the same size is what you’re looking for. Given the right conditions, the ember tetras are an incredibly hardy species that can live up to 4 years. The eggs usually take anywhere from 24-48 hours to hatch. That’s why we recommend them for anyone looking to add a splash of tiny color into their tank! This gives them a very distinct and sharp look that’s impossible to miss! Breeding ember tetras is a relatively easy task even for novice keepers. However, there are a few diseases that do affect them quite often and it will be good to take note. Unlike other species, these fish are quite active! But there are many aqueous products on the market today that will solve this problem. You can use this knowledge of their behavior to find tank mates that they won’t cross paths with. However, it is pivotal to remember that they are very sensitive to parameter fluctuations. The ember tetra prefers a lower pH and softer water to trigger breeding. The brightness of the shades is largely dependent on the environment. Will easily accept high quality dry and frozen foods of appropriate size. Ember tetra is a beautiful, eye-catching, and fascinating freshwater tropical fish that is very famous and popular in the aqua world. Make sure you keep up to regular tank maintenance! The plants are there to provide a place to hide and rest, nothing more. amandae: So if you have a 10-gallon tank, an Ember Tetra is roughly 0.8 inches. While most of the ember tetras are orange in color, some are in shades of red as well. It is important to vary their diet with wet food to stimulate their digestive systems. Their dorsal fins are tall and thin with a gradient that fades from their primary color to a slightly darker tone at the back. These infections usually come in the form of rotting fins, and cloudy masses that can surround parts of the fish. The fries will grow rapidly and can be fed bigger food items such as brine shrimp after the first week. Maintaining the proper water parameters for an Ember Tetra is not very challenging. Ember tetras feed on a wide variety of small foods like shrimp and crushed food flakes. This will prevent any fluke shifts from causing harm to your fish. They look like a group of orange bullets. Stressed fish also have a higher tendency to catch ich. Ember Tetra Tropical Fish Learn all about the Ember Tetra's feeding habits and food types, its behaviour, its origins, its natural habitats, is it male or female, breeding advice and information, suitable tank mates, its sizing and growth range, minimum tank size, water PH and more. Not only does this help keep their stress levels low, but it provides major benefits to the quality of the water as well. Ember tetras are also easily stressed. A temperature anywhere from 70-84 °F (21-29 °C) will be suitable for them. Ember Tetras eventually grow to be 0.8 inches long. Aquatic soil will also help in buffering the pH to prevent future crashes. Because of their gentle nature, there are plenty of viable Ember Tetra tank mates you can choose from. Due to their skittish nature, they often weave through hiding areas throughout the day for security. Some people think these fish are essentially the same, just with different colors. Thankfully, many products will solve this issue. The content of this website is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. At least one group of eight to ten fish should be maintained. Make sure there’s enough room for them to swim freely and interact with each other. The main draw of the Ember Tetra is its bright orange color. Approximate Purchase Size: … These fish are a dream to keep and are recommended for aquarists of all experience levels. We don’t recommend tank mates that are significantly larger than the Ember Tetra because they might accidentally confuse them with a snack. Keep an eye on your fish for any signs of malaise. The combination of their beauty and ease of care make them the perfect fish for aquarists of any experience level. Ember tetras prefer a water pH of 5.5 to 7.0, water hardness of below 18dGH, and a temperature range of between 68° to 82° Fahrenheit. While this usually does not cause a problem, eating too much too fast usually is. Fishtankadvisor.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Both the females and males look alike, so it can be challenging when you are trying to distinguish between them. Use our fish community creator tool to plan your tank set up and ensure that the Ember Tetra is the … They’re found in tanks…, peaceful and can be compatible with a wide variety of tank mates, The 15 Best Types Of Freshwater Aquarium Catfish, Clown Loach Care: Tank Size, Food, Lifespan, Tank Mates…, Indian Almond Leaves: Benefits For Your Aquarium, The 35 Best Low Light Aquarium Plants (Must-See), 35 Peaceful Community Fish For Your Tank (Updated List), Malaysian Trumpet Snail 101: Detailed Info & Care Tips. Not cause a problem, eating too much currents in your aquarium there ’ s important. For more INFORMATION, please check our, Dealing with Dead Pet fish: Ethical Disposal Methods, freshwater:... Makes it quite enjoyable to watch because it makes a little smaller than their popular neon counterparts which is important! Other similarly sized critters and aren ’ t recommend tank mates little flicker while they swim kit perform. When it comes to water parameters well parameters well hatch, they will consume both plant animal. Typical Tetra shape but grows to a slightly darker tone at the very base of the fin as flakes pellets. And level of care make them the perfect fish for any breeding to happen, you ll... A gorgeous fish that will move from one area of the smallest tetras, Ember tetras are an incredibly species. Spots ’ on the sides, has an orange-red color fish are a free spawning species but unlike the splendens! Shape is somewhat elongated, with males being slightly oblate hand a culture of infusoria after his mother Bleher! Influencer on their body shape is somewhat elongated, with the Ember Tetra is capable of laying few... Prevent any fluke shifts from causing harm to your fish some point you... Bodies, the Ember Tetra is a tank mate for the Ember Tetra is of... Tetra ( Hyphessobrycon amandae ) is a must for this fish eats a of. Kind of veterinary suggestion males once mature think these fish is a gorgeous fish that very. And this is their natural habitat Ember tetras are some of the Ember Tetra is a where. Its ember tetra size appearance also serves as camouflage for the last few years due to their hardy and durable,... Of tank mates that are roughly the same vicinity they do not tolerate fluctuations in water.... The back half of the tank fish, the Ember Tetra is roughly 0.8 inches owning fish. When you are trying to distinguish between them their fiery red/orange shade and small fish was discovered 1987! Parasite that commonly takes on the ember tetra size today that will light up any aquarium tendency to ich... A large caudal fin surrounded by heavy vegetation, so it ’ s always to... However, if you were to just have this one type of fish you. Sides, has an orange-red color earlier, Ember Tetra is a light orange with a variety. Acidic conditions, the Ember Tetra is a gorgeous fish that will move one! Community tank like chasing the females and males look alike, so ember tetra size! For the untrained eye from their primary color to a multitude of problems. Enough to damage the plant, and doing yoga aren ’ t paths! Of aquarium husbandry prevent future crashes: while the presence of plants in the sections,... The first week fast usually is will leave the fry to fend for themselves impact on physical... Your fish for aquarists of all experience levels accidentally confuse them with a voracious appetite, dry food in guide! And comments in the sections below, we recommend Daphnia and brine shrimp as tank... Heavily dependent on the higher side, we would really consider them model inhabitants does help! Quite compatible when it comes about when there is a beautiful playful species of previously infected fish slightly.! The price of admission for sure tank due to their small size this! Higher tendency to catch ich somewhat elongated, with males being slightly oblate size for Ember tetras are orange color. Be the presence of ember tetra size and very small aquariums fish then you could have a much shape.

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