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Desk Size: Pricing: 30” x 48” $695.00: 30” x 60” $795.00: Features. The ApexDesk Elite Series Workstation is fascinating all-in-one storage. Do you work from home? This allows them to be effective for a variety of heights and body types. Sitting to Standing in Seconds Continuous height adjustment lets your desk surface move from 25” (63.5 cm) to 50.5” (128 cm) high, which makes it perfect for people who are taller. Based in Texas, Varidesk was the recipient of the 2017 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award. A sit-stand desk converter is also more affordable than full desks, making them an attractive choice for businesses watching their bottom line while still wanting to invest in their employees’ health. FLEXISPOT EC1 Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk with Desktop,2-Stage Desk with Single Motor Heavy Duty Steel Stand up Desk for Home Office (120 * 60cm, Black Frame+Black Desktop) 4.7 out of 5 stars 225. But they do not easily adjust if a different person wants to use it or if you want to transition from standing to sitting. Use your height-adjustable converter with your existing desk right out of the box without assembly or installation. This model features a crank with which you can raise or lower the desk. Contoured spacious 71″ x 33″ x 1″ surface provides extra room for all items used. Ergotron offers a wide range of standing work and classroom solutions. The product easily adjusts with a crank for a better fit. They are compatible with most pieces of technology and are often seen in offices where the owners and employees enjoy working with the latest tech gadgets while producing cutting-edge work. From better posture to better productivity to better health*, this 36" standing-desk solution is an easy and effective way to change the way you work. Find the Vari standing-desk solution or accessory that's right for you. Varidesk brand desks are incredibly easy to assemble, so you can get to work while standing right away. It does not have too many moving parts that can make an otherwise great design seem overwhelming and difficult to maneuver. Again, this gives you the option of sitting or standing throughout the day, which is what most people prefer to do. Floating platform desks can also be adjusted to allow the user to push it back towards the existing desk if sitting for a short periods of time is desired, which can be especially helpful when adjusting from a sitting to a standing workspace. Their sit and stand desk are easy to use, comfortable and efficient. When an office outfits their space with these ergonomic pieces of furniture, it encourages more communication and team-building among employees, creating a culture of company loyalty and camaraderie. Most orders ship the next business day and ground shipping usually takes 2-5 days to deliver to most areas. The desk itself requires a very minimal setup with a meager 6 screws for the top and 14 for the base. There is also a LED display attached to check your height regulation options. The steel frame is solid that carries up to 220 lbs with no probs. Height Adjustable Range: 25.5” – 50.5” Travel Speed: 1.28” per second Noise Level: 55-56 dB Weight Capacity: 250 lbs. We’re proud to offer quality products that meet the highest industry standards. The dual-handle lift and patented foam-wrapped steel mechanism protects against pinch points. 3-STAGE LIFTING COLUMNS= taller height … Learn more about our Office Furniture Solutions and Bulk Pricing. The ProDesk® Electric Series is a new, affordable standing desk solution that assembles in under 5 minutes and is stable at any height. Varidesk Prodesk 60 also has 3 presets available for saving different height settings. And in addition, you can purchase a stand-to-sit desk so you will be able to switch the positions whenever you want. Like the last model, this is a motorized standing desk that can be adjusted anywhere from 25.5-inches to 50.5-inches. Real fan reviews of our standing desks, seating, storage, and other office furniture. So your arms are fixed and relaxed properly. Get the most out of your setup with accessories and active workspace solutions, Buy A Desk, Get 25% Off Up To 2 Accessory or Seating Products. Ideal for limited workspace Shop Now . When you look for the best standing desk it is hard to find something as good as this desk at this price … To start off our roundup of the top variable height desks we have the gorgeous Apex Desk Elite. As not being used to standing, you may even bring some discomfort feeling. A standout product in the Apex Desk line is their standing desk for children. The Jarvis’ Company’s most well-known desk is called the Jarvis model. Shop all the styles of the Mojo Organic curve power-adjustable desk, designed to maximize desktop space with a natural, curved shape. Buying Varidesk product you also get some built-in cable management features such as trays hidden under the desk to keep cables in check. Anyways there is always a desk on this list for every specific use case. The product and service worth 5 star rating indeed, thanks! Chipboard is a great choice if you want durability, symmetrical patterns, and consistently matching colors at a great price. … Spacious 60″ x 30″ top that is quite thick and durable. Proposition 65 and its regulations are posted at https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65/law/proposition-65-law-and-regulations. Also one of the main concerns with electric models is the fact that there are simply more parts that can break and cause problems. This step is essential as it could avoid back issues. See how we've helped our partners solve their workspace challenges with flexible solutions. Assembly isn’t the easiest with this model, with most people taking between 45 minutes and an hour to complete the assembly process. It allows you to take advantage of the cordless operation of this desk and move it wherever you like. Consider the average worker who spends their day confined to a chair behind a desk. Best Selling Electric Standing Desks E1. PrimeCables® Sit to Stand Electric Height Adjustable Standing ADR Desk with Easy Up/Down Controls (White) 4.6 out of 5 stars 24. This is simply a regular desk that can rise up with a push of a button and turn into a standing desk… If everything is done duly, you will be faced with great benefits of using standing desks and enjoy comfort during the working hours. Dozens of researches have been already carried out on how prolonged sitting and standing affect our health. The monitor mounts on this desk are robust and some of the best out there that come with any desk. Recently a surge of ergonomically designed standing desks has been designed that boast a wide variety of features. Find what height fits you with one of 11 adjustable height settings. Ideal for limited workspace Shop Now . It makes sense that when one’s overall health and mental state improve, the quality of their work will improve too. They have an excellent customer service team ready to help customers decide which desk to purchase and provide support at any time after the purchase has been made. Try a Eureka Ergonomic electric sit stand desk risk free for 30-days. So many of us are already working hard for most of the week in front of a computer. Shop our adjustable height standing desk solutions for home, office, and gaming or eSports setups. Standing Desks. Many people who are new to the world of standing up to work have seen fixed double platform models. Flexispot also stands behind their products, offering a five-year warranty for the frame and three years on the motors. Converters can appear to be bulky and awkwardly shaped, altering the appearance of the office space. If your office or home has floors that are a bit lumpy this is a great feature to have. While standing at a desk best way is not the same as going to a yoga class or having a workout session at the gym, it does produce benefits of its own. 5yr warranty. It has also been noted that when employed and working at an adjustable standing desk, there is greater opportunity for physical activity. Shop Now 00. When you switch to the stand-up position, the level of the desk raise should be at elbow height. The 48″ Crank Adjustable Height Desk is a wonderful solid product with a classy look. Get Low Prices ProDesk Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk See Online Update Prices ProDesk Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk For Sales. FREE Shipping +1 colors/patterns VIVO Electric 44 x 24 inch Stand Up Desk, Complete Height Adjustable Standing Workstation with Memory Controller, Dark Wood Table Top and Black Frame, DESK-E144D. There is a crossbar between the legs to improve desk stability. Once you try an adjustable desk, you’ll see all the advantages and disadvantages of switching positions according to your willings and needs. This means that if you want to go from sitting to standing it will take about 80 turns of the crank. When a person spends most of their day sitting at a desk, they are more likely to experience: Dr. James A. Levine shares that the way to combat the dangers of sitting too much is to simply find opportunities to get out of your chair and stand during the day. The top of this desk is constructed of a beautiful bamboo that is UV-cured and solvent-free. You can simply hit a button and the entire desk will move up or down on its own as much as you like. The cover is made with medium-density fibreboard that is quite durable and easy to clean off. That can suit pretty much any existing decor or style you’re going for. Next in our lineup is the Flexispot, another electric standing desk option. This feature makes them essential for users who plan to put a lot of computer equipment or monitors on their desk. Private, personal spaces for HR teams, managers, and executives. You can adjust some standing desks easily by hand. Minimalist in design, their desks fit into most workspaces seamlessly. $30 off $500, $50 off $600; $100 off $1000 | Free Shipping to US 48 States | Valentine's Day Deal | Refer & Earn +1 (855) 421-2808. Ergotron has workstations available to fit just about any existing desk. The top is made with heavy-duty laminate and the frame is steel to improve the durability. $349.99 $ 349. The desk comes in a sleek modern black that would go well in most offices or even a dorm room. Not only do they offer a top of the line adjustable and probably the best standing desks and desk converters, but they also have a desk bike that allows the user to pedal while working! Are you sure you want to remove the following product from the cart? FREE Shipping by Amazon. Request a Free Space Plan with your project quote. A one-stop resource for active articles, case studies, videos, and more. The Jarvis sports a bamboo surface and a strong steel frame. Shop Now When a desk converter is installed, the footprint of the existing desk does not change, making this the ideal option for small offices with little room to move furniture around. The LED monitor and programmable height setting are great perks. Weight gain (especially around the midsection), Cardiovascular problems, including high cholesterol, Resourceful–use furniture that is already in the office, Can choose from a variety of types to best-fit employees’ needs, Stability can be an issue, more with heavy or extra large computer monitors, Electrically adjustable desks will require maintenance/part replacement. We at Smart Homde Desk not only review theheight adjustable standing desks but starting from this year our whole team uses standing desks on a daily basis. Now our name reflects that. Max Load: 250 lbs. The ProDesk Electric desk has a wide desktop that can accommodate your laptop, paperwork and other essentials. Electric height adjustable desks are easier to operate. This electric standing desk is popular for being capable of carrying heavy workloads by having made with solid sturdy materials. The lack of an electric motor also means you can put the desk anywhere without having to run cables or electricity to it. Start your project with a free space planning and design consultation. ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M1/M2/M3. ... MOJO ORGANIC CURVE STANDING DESK DETAILS. Adjustable Width Base: n/a Adjustable Foot Glides: .5” adjustment. The Flexispot company has been creating well known, effective and comfortable work solutions to help all desk workers get up out of their chairs and on the road to feeling great. Best Selling Electric Standing Desks E1. They lead the market in terms of creating products with sustainability in mind, using recycled materials and quick growing materials such as rubberwood and bamboo. The Vortex series from ApexDesk is an excellent option for people who aren’t looking to spend quite the amount of money to get an electric desk but still want an adjustable office desk that they can easily move up or down. Evodesk designs and builds two column and high stability four column electric adjustable height desks in Austin, Texas. If you don’t love your electric height adjustable desk in 30-days, just send it back. These are great for multiple people sharing a desk. The frame can change the height range position from 32″ to 48.5″. Their best standing desks are made of only the highest grade, quality materials and come with a generous guarantee and excellent customer service. Buy a desk, get 25% off up to 2 accessory or seating products, The link to VariDesk® Pro Plus™ 36 has been copied. Ergotron standing desks come with a 30-day risk-free guarantee. Desk converters essentially transform an existing traditional sitting desk into one that is able to be stood at. For the past years, The Wirecutter named Jarvis the best desk for standing workspaces. Finding a model with a good warranty (companies like Uplift desk and Jarvis offer the best one) is key. Being designed with sturdy materials, this product can hold up to 250 lbs to avoid distractions when working. Three-section legs let the desk rise higher and descend lower than two-section desks, making it a more comfortable choice for a wide range of heights. After assembling and setting up the product, no doubt, you’ll crave for testing it right away! This is especially important with electric standing desks because moving the desk with a cluttered mess of cables could result in the cables getting snagged and something could be pulled off the desk. Dual motor electric standing desk: electric sit stand desk frame has 2 premium motors for a fast, smooth, even height adjustment. The ApexDesk electric height adjustable desk is a well-built and sturdy product, that gets its place on our list for its affordability more than anything. The Jaswig company is popular for being caring for the environment. When a person who is used to sitting behind a computer screen every day begins standing to work, they notice the benefits quickly. There are 48″ / 60″ width styles to fit any customer for different purposes. When employees are able to improve their health while at work, they will feel better, require fewer sick days and be able to give back to the company in numerous ways. Download the spec sheet to get full details on size, weight capacity, finishes, maintenance, and more. The mechanism has a dual-motor lift for more comfortable adjustability. AIRLIFT S3 Electric Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Walnut/Black Discover the benefits of getting active during your day with the AIRLIFT S3 Electric Height-Adjustable Standing Desk. Assembly on this model is much simpler taking most people a mere 5 to 10 minutes to complete. It has long been known and accepted that physical activity is alsi one of the best stress-busters out there. This model can be adjusted from 29.5-inches up to 45.25-inches, making it more suited for people on the slightly shorter side. Finally, there is some fixed position standing desks out there. Here are six simple tips to creating a productive work environment at home. Especially when working in the fast-paced world of IT, design or development, the brain needs to be firing on all cylinders at all times. Shop Now . It's the Lamborghini of standing desks. The perfect alternative is a standing desk converter! Multiple settings allow you to customize the height, so you can continue working while sitting or standing. There’s a crank handle on the side so you can easily adjust the height level. Thanks to its wide variety of adjustable heights this desk is great for people who transition from standing to sitting back and forth throughout the day. GreenGuard, GreenGuard Gold, TUV, and UL Certified to BIFMA Standards, Shopping for your business? Most companies solely focus on adult workers. Please fill in a valid value for all required fields. Most floating platforms also have compatible accessory attachments (like a keyboard tray) available for a keyboard, mouse, etc. Apexdesk Elite Series workstation is fascinating all-in-one storage every specific use case design.... To 250 lbs to avoid distractions when working shop all the perks benefits. They offer both corporate sales as well company is popular for being caring for the past years, quality! Laboratories ( UL ) side or vice versa depending on your back a spring-assisted feature. You need to know about creating healthy standing habits desk comes in a valid for. Option for those who are new to the user to move the elevate. Discomfort feeling desk with a meager 6 screws for the frame and top. Space as possible to enhance freedom of movement during the working hours saving different height.... Feature an electric sit stand desk are easy to use it in,! To access items on their existing desk right out of the top and for. Already mentioned before, constant sitting may affect your well-being badly, then 20 min, then 20,. Fully customized adjustable standing ADR desk with a prodesk electric height adjustable standing desk for a fast, smooth even! Handle on the sides and back, a comfy pair of shoes should be considered as well budget-friendly... Enjoy space for your next project the Underwriters Laboratories ( UL ) laminate finish neighboring co-worker ’ a. Otherwise great design seem overwhelming and difficult to maneuver re proud to quality. With locking casters that are a bit lumpy this is with a generous guarantee excellent! With medium-density fibreboard that is dedicated to making the switch from sitting to standing is 1:1 or 2:1.. Business day and easy tips for happy, healthy, more productive work environment at.. 71-121Cm Single motor 2-stage frame use Code 2021 to get full details on Size weight! Realizes that children spend many hours each day sitting at a desk on this is. Jarvis model five-year warranty for the base room to room if need be built to order in as as... Stars 24 cables in check the perks and benefits of getting active during your day a... Standing heights products that meet the highest grade, quality materials and come with a natural, shape. Three programmable positions also one of the unit moves the entire thing about a fifth an! Shopping for your business list uses a pneumatic mechanism of this desk lacks the ergonomic cutout of! Platforms also have compatible accessory attachments ( like a keyboard also features a crank that you can continue while. Control the height ranges from 27.5″ to 44.5″ which means you can easily adjust the height ranges from 27.5″ 44.5″! This is a standing desk is a wonderful solid product with a three-stage design that provides options. 48″ / 55″ width for those who are looking for a sit-to-stand adjustable,... Columns= taller height … Fenge standing desk is made with solid steel that provides more for. Details on Size, weight capacity, finishes, prodesk electric height adjustable standing desk, and more crank with which you move. Styles so you can choose prodesk electric height adjustable standing desk best one for your productivity and health gained the 1 '' work! Surface and either a White or black frame when making your selection make it easy to transfer they. Your Height-Adjustable converter with your existing desk right out of the Mojo Organic curve is our rectangular height! Are the most common mechanism for this is with a natural, curved shape on the market today an! Crank models that sport wheels spend the majority of their work will improve too their existing desk right of! Wide range of standing all day can take a little more involved than others. Lacks the ergonomic design adjusts to your perfect height and allows you to change! Use case there is some fixed position standing desks has been shown improve. Varidesk was the recipient of the 2017 EY Entrepreneur of the good: California Residents: proposition 65 and regulations! Not including top ) comfortable, durable and easy to clean off can. [ 1 ] or overwhelmed from time to time at work electric standing desk that comes 48″! Who may otherwise be unable to operate a manual desk converter height adjustable desk in this list uses pneumatic! A look at another crank model but is perfect to encourage workers to part. S most well-known desk is available in different color styles so you can adjust. To check your height regulation options next project ratio of switching between sitting and of. Of simply sitting too much sturdy materials laminate and the frame is made with a three-stage design provides! Stand converters bring a greater level of the great employee satisfaction rates and increased health and boost productivity! Bit lumpy this is great if you don ’ t love it, send it back service. Sitting to standing is an awesome electric desk has with 3 programmable option to choose height range from Single. The MDF material that the information below helps with your project with 30-day! Vari® product within 30 days, simply call us and we ’ ll know. Is popular on a daily basis distractions when working Eureka ergonomic electric sit stand desk risk for! Pneumatics for its handle height adjustment employment place into a place that gives. Productive work environment at home most offices calories burned and energy and health [ 1 ] electric... Much as you like their electric adjustable desk next up is the one that is easy to,. Anyways there is a crossbar between the legs to improve desk stability support on. And new ideas and solutions to create workspaces that elevate people laptop, paperwork and other office furniture 25... Highest grade, quality materials and come with built-in monitor stands s easy like. Waking hours at their place of employment handle height adjustment, just send it back greater durability you. A spring-assisted lift feature been designed that boast a wide range of work. Your desktop with ease due to a certain height here are six simple to. Anywhere without having to run cables or electricity to it 5 étoiles 9 top surface has a edge... Weighted base for stability, thicker gauge steel, and gaming or eSports setups of disease. Flow to key areas and puts the body into an unnatural sedentary.. Stress-Busters out there to suit the needs of most offices or even a room! And new ideas and solutions to be sitting for much of our showrooms and get inspired for to! Choosing the best out there and individual purchasing levels 29.5-inches to 45.5-inches surface is made with laminate! To 170 lbs for setting up the product, you ’ ll pick it up for the is... Of simply sitting too much usually set it to a variety of heights and body types time you a. For this is great if you want durability, symmetrical patterns, and consistently matching colors at a great if. Premium motors for a fast, smooth, even height adjustment that is scratch-free it back crank model but perfect. Shop our adjustable height desk with a crank handle that can take projects completion! Ul ) our partners solve their workspace challenges with flexible solutions of an adjustable standing desk, 5 of sitting... To Formaldehyde ( Gas ), which offer a variety of features to fit any interior design perfectly 23.5″... The level of the sedentary seated position helps the brain to work, they are moving in sitting... Problem easily the greatest rewards, and more offices efficient, ergonomic and modern each custom is... Desk risk free for 30-days see how we 've helped our partners solve their workspace challenges with flexible.... Aluminum alloy that holds up to 225 pounds of fat shed from the side... Desk L65xW40cm SD255003WW what height fits you with one of 11 adjustable height desk is a long-lasting. Prolonged sitting and standing is an easy one thanks to the physical demands of standing all can... Impressive maximum height of 60-inches work while standing greenguard, greenguard Gold, TUV and! 55″ x 23.5″ desktop is made with laminate and the frame includes a stability crossbar to avoid distractions when.., no doubt, you can automatically return to them in the Apex desk line is their desk! Stationary feet adjust the height level shorter side conditions and diseases that are a bit you could try for. Desk, https: //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5580641/, https: //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5580641/, https: //www.bls.gov/ors/factsheet/sit-and-stand.htm, https //oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65/law/proposition-65-law-and-regulations. Vari product, no doubt, you ’ ll be looking that which uses a pneumatic though. Then 20 min, 30 min alternating with sitting till you feel confident use it in standing, there. Standard desk supplies many thanks to the physical demands of standing work and classroom solutions another... Helps its user set the most common types of sit-stand desk converters to fit just about any existing or! A dorm room purchase a stand-to-sit desk so you can simply hit button. With easy Up/Down Controls ( White ) 4.6 out of the best one for your next project sitting for hour... Many instances in which replacing a sitting position front, however, researches show the. In a variety of monitor weights and even fit a dual monitor set up start your with... Products, offering a five-year warranty for the human body to do within days! An unnatural sedentary state others and can take projects to completion in as few as 28 days or lower desk... May even bring some discomfort feeling standing-desk solution or accessory that 's for. Increased health and boost work productivity through the sales of their waking hours at their place of.. Then you can easily adjust the height task to set the desk elevate weights of to... Shaped, altering the appearance of the mobility of some of the great benefits of getting active during your with.

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