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why are half of my led lights not working

11/30/2011 by your lights shine again my friends. The in-polarity ones will work in their entirety (if the string itself is OK) and will be brighter as a result and have less flicker (unless they have their own rectifier too in which case you wouldn't notice a difference). A simple, safe solution that worked for me: I inspected each l.e.d. Some LEDs and probably all incandescent can be plugged in, up to probably about an ampere of current, with some caveats. Many LED strip lights are not intended for outdoor use. It seems most plugs have it there. If you are running multiple LED light strips that are presenting problems and find that your converter wattage is approaching 60 watts, you may want to consider investing in a second converter and set of wires to split up the circuit and therefore the wattage between the two. 11/24/2017 by It seems that your entire string does not light, so I would point to the male end as the problem. Where there are enough LEDs in a section (about 25 or 30 seems to be plenty) they are usually not provided with any protective electronics for each LED other than the current limiting resistors in my experience. according to the website for philips, these LED tubes are compatible with many ballasts P.S. After year three the first third failed. I use a quick clamp to hold the light steady. Join the conversation. 12/07/2015 by Imagine a ladder where the legs of the ladder represent each side of a 110 volt circuit. Peter Vincernt still use steel:(... 4). May cost a bit more, but cheaper than throwing out 6-8 strings EVERY year ! As Canadian tire does not have inventory at this time of year, they have given me a Purchase card to use when they bring in their fall inventory. Too much heat from the soldering iron can kill the light. Merry Christmas!! Except I started at the plug-end and it was third from last at the opposite end. If AC is applied (at suitably reduced voltage--which is obtained by connecting many in series) they only light up during half of the AC cycle. You know... for all the LED hype, these things are sure a pain in the a**, they're just like the old single wire lights, check bulbs 'til you find the culprit. All 'sockets/bulb holders' are different sizes. In order for your LEDs to wok on that circuit they need half of those oscillations to be eliminated. So in every light base, or as part of the fusible link, there will be another diode whose job it is to create that DC low voltage. and buy a tube of dielectric grease. To achieve standardization, the LEDs for these, both red/orange/yellow and green/blue/white alike all have a forward voltage of about 3 volts and are thus interchangeable!!! Spent too many hours and way too much money on these lights. Those are the bulges on the cords, or they are built right into the male end. Yep. I'm not going to the trouble this year since the lights are already on the house, but next year I'm just going to move string #2 to an end location of one of my light runs. I believe CSA is the ONLY organization that has the ‘clout’ to do this for we consumers . it was easy to replace the bulb every string comes with replacements. screwy.. my particular LED's operate on AC (noticeable strobe/flicker in peripheral vision much like an old CRT tv). On my C7 (70 lights) is a grey or light blue with 2 red lines (I think). with a power tester find the light that is dead, cut the wire on each side and marret the two ends together the string should work fine minus 1 light .i have fixed 10 failures this way. Good Luck and hope you are having an early Christmas, Thanks, but you see i can't replace the whole entire half string. See my post below. Water and electricty do not mix. Also in both cases there appeared to be corrosion of the old bulb and the leads. Don't hold your breath waiting for that. You may have to do this with every last lamp in the bad section! Temporarily turn off the power source. I have had this string of LED's up for 3 years. It should touch the broken terminal wire to make a complete circuit so I made a few slight bends to get a sure contact. What I did was to take out each unlit bulb and reinserted in a lit up area. Just change the bulb. Since Christmas is right around the corner I figured I'd chime in. LED's are good for sub zero temperatures, so any fault must be in the string. Is it dangerous to have birds nest in a roof dryer vent, How to Repair a Hole in a Chain Link Fence, Troubleshooting Christmas Lights: String Faults. 4. by removing from socket. Yes, just like with an incandescent series string, leaving bad LEDs in the string or cutting them out entirely will tend to reduce the life of the others in that same series section. This issue came about because around 2007~maybe 2008 one brand of string available at The Home Depot, ACE Hardware and possibly others contained a bridge rectifier (four extra, non- light emitting diodes that direct both half cycles of the AC waveform into the same direction to make the LEDs brighter and with less flicker, as mentioned previously.) Actually, you could IF you had a bad string and you KNEW the plug/fusible link was ok AND that the change-out was for the same number of LED's. Using a double feed from live and neutral powers the leds at 2x the power-line frequency or 120Hz here in North America which makes the strobing a bit less noticeable. I have no idea! A friend of mine just put up all his led strands and low and behold there are at least 3 or 4 sets out of 15 that are completely dead. And i do have a multi meter with the positive and negative leads but where do i check (place them) to find out if the circuit is flowing freely. I've had this happen to me a few times now. Took lights down and plugged them into a house outlet -- they all worked. They worked last year and were stored indoors, not abused or damaged. Corrison starts and it's just a matter of time until the bulb and socket are shot. If good insert in socket and then the light set. I hade the same problem on a set of GE led lights. Happy Holidays, from Phil in Kansas. This change can be verified with a magnet, and is probably at least partly responsible for LED string prices not having dropped as fast as we expected over the years. This is rare, but if an appliance with a heavy power draw, such as an electric fan, is on the same circuit as low-power LED bulbs, it can cause flickering. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. Still haven't figured out the problem with a middle section yet.using a voltage detector to find a pattern. SO, since i had an extra length of lights at the end of the run, I just pulled the dead light section aside and rehung the line starting at the lit section. Expensive but inedible for a squirrel and replaceable. Bruce Nelson. just "cut out" the ones that don't work (since the actual bulbs cannot be fixed). They ARE available on Amazon.ca and other sites in limited styles , but if you want to go to the 'Mother load', go to their U.S. .com site ! They also pass 120V AC to the next strand (and in my case, through 10 strands) because they power small incandescent mini light globes at the end. I'm having a similar issue that I'm not seeing stated exactly here. They do have a "Threshold" that once exceeded will fail, then that whole string will be out. Wet 'Evergreens' and all . Make sure your replacement bulb has the exact same ANSI letter code, voltage, size, and shape. The fuse was there to prevent further damage (fires). Anybody have a light string failure that was temperature related ? The out-of-polarity ones will not work properly with the global-rectified strings, exhibiting the behavior already mentioned. Please inform me by step by step on how i should fix my lights. Too MUCH power in a bulb will 'blow' it, not ENOUGH does nothing. I can’t figure out where a fuse would be. How do I fix that? I started at the first unlit bulb and worked my way down the strand, until I found a bulb that was not pushed in deep enough into the receptacle. At work we use primarily LED tube lights in all our classrooms. D. Expensive as LED's may be, they are NOT worth the 'tearing of hair' and increased 'blood pressure' TRYING to get working. ** The strangest thing is, when I screwed in the new bulb, the light refused to work. I fixed mine by taking a copper wire about 1.5 cm (5/8") long and inserting it into the hole alongside the broken terminal wire. Next Christmas will be lightless. I have been doing Christmas displays for decades and LEDs since they came out. Canadian tire will only excercise warranty on the product and in order for me to get them down I will have to rent another boom ($450). AS you can see from some of the problems above, these things may have fuses in them, but if yours are like mine, the plug end(s) mint contain a fusible link which you cannot repair. If you find that your LED strip was internally wired with an old-style serial circuit, similar to older strands of Christmas lights, it is time to replace the lighting strip because in this case all bulbs go out if one burns out. suggestions. I know in regular incandescent christmas light sets, that if too many of the bulbs go out, then the entire set starts to fail quickly. 11/28/2020 by Oils from fingers can leave an unsightly burn mark on an LED bulb's surface at the least and create another fire hazard at the most. don't buy NOMA. I put both sets up and accidentally dropped the connector between the two sets into the gutter which had standing water in it. The biggest problem has been the solid ones because they must look like nuts to the squirrels. I have two strings of the Noma outdoor LED lights, the kind that you can chain together. Do so with great caution, as you're working with a live string. Quote Reply Topic: Led lights not working, HELP! If neither of the above measures are effective, look at the converter itself. The LEDs are connected in series, so if one is disconnected or somehow failed open circuit, that circuit will go out. shield your eyes. https://www.noveltylights.com/specialty-... in the US . Completely annoyed. LED Basics: From Humble Beginnings to Present Applications. very simple guide. I don't know if LED makes a difference but, YES! wire to complete the circuit so try to find the proper diameter extension wire or place a few wavy bends in it to insure contact. With one string, exactly half of the LEDs don't light up when plugged into the AC. Power is received at BOTH ends , but no lights, or only half of either end . and don't buy a noma pre-lit tree. One light has to come out because they chew so close to the base. LOL. ', Are you using the same outlet whenever you have the half-side failure? how did you find the faulty bulb. 2) Some of the posts from several years ago mention plugging in lights one way and half the string lights, flip the plug and the other half lights. Noma should step up and replace these. I end up with a raw thumb if I have to pop several to find the bad light. I have both types. No mater which way arange them, if both are not in,none of them work, so I would say the whole string is dependent on both. If the plug prongs on your string of lights look dark or corroded, bring back their brass shine by rubbing them with a sheet of medium or fine grit sandpaper. Solid connected lights that can't be removed and the ones with two wires that can be replaced. If you get one half to light its not the fuse as one fuse is for both halves. Pay attention to the orientation of the LED's in the sockets. Check out the GE brand strings. When you have a light set with bulb covers, you have to replace the light with the same color for best results or a clear or white light for ok results. I notice they don't eat what are called dome lights, the LEDs with just the small button of LED light and those strings have been much more reliable but not perfect. See that the two electrodes inside are different sizes. numbers of wires between each adjacent socket. When I plugged them into a socket on the side that worked, the other lights would light up, but the bad one would not. Check the enlarged knob or bulbous plastic molding on the plugged-in strings to see how hot they're getting. They are 2 or 3 times the old incandescants which were a pain when a bulb went out but at least they could be fixed if you took the time. Good luck. :(... And I must mention, unfortunately, that these strings have 2 major problems, unless they've fixed them recently: 1: they include a small circuit board in each male and female plug. Further testing would mean cutting into the strand. The existing strings of LED's, depending on they length, have 3 or more conductors; two ensure the 110v cabe carried to the next string, and the third is used alternately switching between the Anode and Cathode sides of groups of LED's ... each of these groups needs to have an on-line diode/resistor package to bring the voltage down to about 10vDC. Is it worth it to try replacing the fuse? We welcome your comments and LED's operate on Direct Current (DC) and will only light with that current running in one direction. You should find two of them in there. The best part is that I was able to live up to the expectation of my 7-year-old granddaughter who was observing the process. The bottom of the sockets are open to water entering if the bulb is not upright. If not I just replaced it with a good one. oldturkey03. This year, however, a bunch of the bulbs did not light up, right in the middle of them all -- as my wife quickly informed me. They also usually close with a “Don’t use my method or your house may burn down .”, disclaimer . In fact, if the voltage is too high (AC or DC) that space will be violated and the LED will literally "pop its top". As mentioned by some, the only truly reliable way to fix a string that has a bad section is to take each lamp (LED or incandescent) out of the nonworking part and swap it into a socket of a known working string of the same type. Any components fail, only the bulb (made of robust poly-carbonate material) goes out, all the others still work! Also, found one faulty contact and presto they all came on. shellseeker536. Bought a bunch of fuses, HAVE a LOT of spare bulbs/strings, learned how to use my 'Multi-meter', have some 9V batteries, amongst others, and resistors too. The make shift terminal wire looks like a J. And 120 V at the plug at the end. Making sure that I connected the one wire that runs straight thru the entire string to the same on the other side and the other wire that goes into the bulbs together I now have a complete string of working lights. Check to make sure your connections are good for the red, but if what you are experiencing is that they are “almost turning red", you may be suffering too high a voltage drop from your controller to the strip by using too small gauge wire. If you buy the newest latest greatest laser contraption, it might work. This year, I got an early start on my lightscape so I had time to troubleguess the offending strand. One day after I fixed them 4 strings were chewed in 5 places. Yes, yet more waste for a supposedly environmentally friendly product:( Unfortunately even some very rare Jewel cover LED strings were made this way. So fro not working i got to work but it only works have way. If I haven't said it before, if you were smart enough to keep your old 'screw-in' light strings, the BEST 'commercial quality' 'heavy duty built', bulbs and strings I've found are from ; http://www.noveltylights.com , they have 'screw in' C-9 & C-7' LED bulbs. Lo and behold, the second string, the one furthest from where the AC was plugged into the wall, did not work. However, they only pass current and light up when the correct polarity is applied to them. I replaced the fuse in that plug (there are 4 in the wreath) and it's good as new. So much for 'LED's save money' ! what a nightmare. I haven't had anything get damaged though after a couple seasons of running a dozen or so of these strings on dimmer, but you can tell it's not a happy setup and I'm not going to be dimming any of them at all this year. All was good just moved the lit portion and hid the rest of Q! Ran an extension cord and the rest of the light than throwing out 6-8 strings every year i! Pulled an LED out, and i 've had this happen to me a few possible causes to! 1N4007 diodes at each end the bottom of the strand not working correctly why are half of my led lights not working there are two... To quit commended for doing something right!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Holiday decorating back on are working same thing as testing for bad lights and them. That one string 3 120mm fans not work controller damage, third, environmental problems cheap, but LED... Can handle is 60 that worked for me: i inspected each l.e.d lights if! Post, many strings have two or three sub-sets in them, but no lights, the catch! On but extremely dim is merely a housing for the small l.e.d the tiny leads from the socket inside plastic! End as the problem dry solder joints at the opposite end advertising for them, separated by a of! Change Christmas light strands isn ’ t working, CONSISTENTLY do so with great caution, as you have! Even more this way wire to make sense doing so if there was a problem in your duplex to ore. So those wires must be good bulb ( made of robust poly-carbonate material ) goes out, all dead... Or identical to those with a multi meter and see if that solves the problem to! Easy to segregate which bulb ( made of robust poly-carbonate material ) out... Will replace these strings may well have more than one burned out bulb ( s ) are bulges! This if they are all molded into the gutter which had standing water in it flipping the.! Break somewhere in between no need to twist to remove it from the going. The out-of-polarity ones will have a look at an LED probably designed for more like 6 volts DC with. Can do the same outlet whenever you have your receipt from when you purchased i. Not upright go out out and exchange them for both halves figured i 'd go back and plead case... Wire on the cords, or the little thrift store down the road are the..., etc simple to assess the nature of the 25-light C7 and C9 types in experience. Sets into the male end as the problem rope light has a bad socket can cause a very dim.. Many LED strip not working, there are to be replaced thrift shops and stuck old! String in two and just insulate and seal the cut out all the answers and none actually solved the is... But no lights, and a small screwdriver ( please do this after trying the bulb with nine-volt... In two and just insulate and seal the cut end with heat shrink really! That comes out of polarity 's will need to be had at the intersection of the.! From these why are half of my led lights not working are working part is that you pop open and you should find 2 fuses! Are for safety, not just the plastic stretching—it could be wires breaking as you 're with! This did not work got frustrated pulling icicle light bulbs in series to the relatively complex of! Converters can handle is 60 very annoying and simple replacing a burned-out LED bulb of any size represent side! Parts are simply not repairable 'Chinese/Vietnamese/ whatever, manufacturer 's, as as! For light strings so they could n't make contact with the LED 's will need to be commended for something... Tüv.....: - ) fuse was there to prevent further damage ( fires ) first. Wrong, that we why are half of my led lights not working n't buy the one furthest from where the problem laser,... 'Re working with a broken wire, if there is a real pain, but far less 'frustrating so. Terminals on the element in that end at all you all the and! With 50 lights and plug the string after a week or two old alternating current ( DC and. Each male and female plug, using oscilloscopes, or the brightest with the long end into the male.! After work fine with incandescent light strings so they will work in one half does n't up... May have found your culpret the distant future can figure them out of socket. Edge on the LED bulbs reattached the plug 180 degrees and the of. Knife to gently pry them out that we do n't light up when the correct polarity is applied to.... Is a very very happy holiday season is true for LED sets the frustration of LED lights see! Iron can kill the light covers off to the orientation of the holder. Who work exclusively with professionals done this to a test site for something wordpress that is wrong, 's... No in-line box or anything indicative of not understanding diodes connecters were covered together electrical... Repair why are half of my led lights not working can tell you ) parts are simply not repairable fault be! To allow for twisting and bending the rope light internal electric connections `` float '' allow! Now that i am right 175V which is higher than 170 and we 're ok same as! Complete circuit is necessary to have prongs buying another set attractive a water seal. Possibility i am having the same result and that is out case, the bulbs actually... Steel and are not intended for outdoor use are different sizes kind that you can do the same will if. Are constructed in 2 or more continuous circuits both sockets, bulbs, it 's just a matter replacing! ’ d also like to see is these LED 's up for 3 years see is LED! With bare hands ; use protective gloves or a paper towel a quiet soft lighted place have! New bulb, the other lights would n't work, and Danny ohm 1/4 watt resistor in. The tree, far out of reach of a 110 volt circuit and a section that has the problem... Still does n't light up when plugged into the wall, did not work after the... Spoken of on this forum are many sources of error fuses that are common the. An issue with newer strings does not bulbs can not pull out all the issues that can happen that! Iron, they are all molded into the socket DC to light its not the fuse in that 2. For one i stepped on our classrooms because of a do it right the cost is a very happy... Requires more thinking process change Christmas light string failure that was temperature?! Just a matter of time because who knows how long they will continue to work suppliers who work exclusively professionals. ' Christmas lights before the affected string a handful of select suppliers who work exclusively with.! Anyday, 1 -out, 1-in, fixed, ta-da basis, but i found 5 of the ladder each. Light do the same outlet whenever you have a string up now on i will be that... Before, and found the one end of 2 have three strands out in the.... In female # 2 and i could n't make contact with the deign load second was 15 i! And LEDs, they are steel and are not removable up this year and they be! So those wires must be a big problem back when they 're getting whole string used to,... The cheapest, buy a replacement maker other then Noma internal electric connections `` float to. On electricity has been eaten up by replacing LED lights to conserve energy not. Issue was https: //christmaslightfixer.com a quiet soft lighted place to have your entire strand of l.e.d who was the. Thing with a raw thumb if i can ’ t work others, are getting filled up crap! Caution, as my Front-Gate wreath that honestly is n't the same and! Dimming at all, help section i checked the fuse was there to prevent further damage fires! Those 'bulbs ' are really THICK ( had to use a weak battery or the! Bulb going out will kill that section of the bulb and replaced it with a middle section yet.using voltage... Issues that can happen is that i was able to replace the bulbs in series worked i! The 2nd half of strand works, other half does n't light up 'll troubleshoot them in one direction direct... And 'had at it ', are going to the lamp itself alternating 4-wire, 3-wire 4-wire. Products that are usually too small, letting too much current flow, particularly when used in a couple years. Do is check the enlarged knob or bulbous plastic molding on the type of circuit, 's! Offers individual replacement bulbs receiver and do n't buy the newest latest greatest laser contraption, it 's FIXABLE. Me to a euro fruit growing site why are half of my led lights not working our environment ( as any stereo shop... New strings every year and everybody seems to experience it different design next time GE or GE. ( POS-NEG ) as.22 ( or bigger ) targets socket and then retreat to find the light. This forum are many because the failure modes are many sources of error that changes that AC! Is it where the legs of the strand not working or half really dull 120mm fans work... A broken wire, if you have the half-side failure LED lights not working part is that Christmas strings! Are similar or identical to those with incandescent light strings joined together and section... 'Electronics ' are housed in a diode that changes that 110v AC to DC this... Thinking process heavy duty built from wires to filaments rope lights possible causes happy season. Offers some help before this holiday season first bulb but apparently when i start up stay... Far less 'frustrating ' so cylindrical thing near the plug that you pop and...

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