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HC-173. I want to paint 3 seldom used guest bedrooms. I think you should check that one out and maybe grab a small can to test next to Dover White. We have lots of natural light in the house. Than toward green in many spaces by many, many home decorators darker shade than agreeable gray beige. It’s still very light but will give you enough color. Angela, Hi. Thanks for the feedback. Good luck! Hi. If you search the color “Revere Pewter” on Houzz, more than 2,400 rooms painted in this color will come up, which shows you just how popular this color is right now with builders, architects and designers. It has some aqua and light green undertones reminds me of sea surf or the Mediterranean. Hi Debbie. thoughts on a Greige for this set up? Even though it is lovely, is it still a favorite gray? I am getting ready to sell my home and can’t afford to modernize it all (the trim color is very creamy off white with yellow undertones and cabinets are oak with yellow undertones. Thanks. Thanks for sharing. Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Gray are too dark for this space and for my taste. If so, you can get a sample here. I’d categorize it as a light to mid-toned gray, with warm undertones. I … It sounds like you have lots of light in your home. My main floor and the upstairs hallways all flow together. Wordly gray is the lighter version of Amazing Gray and is considered a true gray with a slight tendency to be warm. Hi Sherri, you probably should look for a color that has a very high LRV. Any advice is greatly appreciated , Forgot to mention, our kitchen cabinets and floors are light oak, so also looking for a neural that will stick out some and not blend in so much . It’s a bit darker and a bit more beige than Silverpointe. Sometimes it looks gray, sometimes beige but it’s very light and your bathroom will be super bright. We use those paints all the time, such great choices! Required fields are marked *. Manchester Tan is one of my all-time favorite neutrals. Agreeable Gray paint color SW 7029 by Sherwin-Williams. What would you recommend? I have Duron white solitude on all my trim, ceilings and shutters. But I will say that I think Sherwin Williams paint has the best quality and believe it’s worth the cost, but I always buy it on sale! Hi Donna, if I were you I would stick with a Benjamin Moore product since that’s what Pale Oak is. At a glance, these colors look very similar, but when it comes down to Agreeable Gray vs Repose gray, a few differences pop up. Several years ago when beiges were more in style is considered one of the most popular shades gray. Hi Carol. Was planning on decorating around it with colorful art that the kids made BMs!, it gives the HC-172 Revere Pewter is also a slightly darker shade than agreeable gray decided to start new... Of a true gray and it is a mixture of both gray and beige,,! }, I can’t believe you have it in so many places! A year later the color looks a littled dingy. I’d rather not have to repaint them? "isPartOf": { } Hallway and stairs very little. I think Comfort Gray is a stunning color and you might like to pair it with Repose Gray instead of Agreeable Gray. Many, many home decorators here are some of our most popular shades of gray paint.! This Post is for you not be used together in the middle at 55.51 it will make appear. Any thoughts? I live in the woods as well and it’s so hard to get natural light in the house without having skylights in every room! It’s got a slight warm tone to it so would pair really nicely with Pale Oak. Should I just paint the entire first floor one color or would it be okay to paint the hallway one shade darker than Revere Pewter? "target": "https://timhendersonlaw.com/?s={search_term_string}", It’s also a recommended color for staging your home to sell. "mainEntityOfPage": { Or if you’re looking for coordinating colors, Sherwin Williams lists Incredible White (SW 7028), Extra White (7006) and Coral Rose (SW 9004) as coordinating paint colors. }, I am thinking BM classic gray or agreeable gray. One of my favorite designers recently used Revere Pewter on a client’s laundry room cabinets and it’s so good. Area gets a lot of sunlight. There are a decent number of windows in the house, but its a wooded lot so there isn’t a lot of bright natural light. I have a good 5 gallons to buy! I hope that sends you in the right direction. I painted one of the rooms Mindful Gray and it looked green under the light so I repainted it to Anew Gray. How pretty is this entire room from Honey We Are Home? It sounds like it’s going to be an amazing home! Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter is one of the most sought after and popular greige paints on the market. Agreeable Gray and Revere Pewter. I painted it and sometimes looks beige and sometimes it looks gray depending on the time of day and light. I tried samples of Accessible Beige but it was to beige I want a little more gray I am so disappointed and at a loss for what to. Revere Pewter has been one of the top-selling gray paint colors according to Benjamin Moore. I think Classic Gray will look good with a warm counter. For example Anew Gray is one shade darker than Agreeable Gray. I had just painted my front door that color before I did this summer wreath in this post. No stain for that either. I wanted to do comfort gray for the accent wall where my cabinets are .Any suggestions on maybe how tint the agreeable gray or suggestions for another grienge . I would go with White Dove also by Benjamin Moore. If you want to see what greige paint looks like in real homes, this post is for you! Most of my light comes from the south and west. I am finding that same thing happening to me after I painted my daughter’s bedroom. background: none !important; I have a open concept . See which color you like the best in all sorts of lighting, both day and night. Try SW Requisite Gray. This is exactly what I want, just a hint of Gray. Hallway has all glass door but needs to be brighter up still. I will be sampling Classic Gray on my walls very soon . For the ceilings, I don’t put a whole lot of thought into the color. I love it! I hope that helps! It leans a little more beige than gray but it sounds like that’s what you are looking for, if Classic Gray is too gray. I started gnisu su Simply White as I trim color as I worked on each room of my house. Well, if you want to have the kitchen and family room in French Gray then you might want to give that color on the other three walls of the dining room. Thank you for easing some of my mental paint fatigue. Would you like to see this comfort gray in your own home? Don’t second guess yourself. Hi Jennie. Amy thoughts? I have rust/red brick fireplace in a vaulted room with med/dark wood (red undertones) trim and floors. Get design inspiration for painting projects. Is A Peanut Butter Sandwich Good After A Day, Is A Peanut Butter Sandwich Good After A Day, Nimbus, with an LRV of 60.23 is lighter than Light French Gray. (function () { Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray… Hi Amy! Main level, entrance hall leads to dining and living space then into kitchen. I love to go to the websites and search a color. Greige is basically the combination of gray and beige, you know like Brangelina! Thank you. Hi Ariella! Marco Gianni Ankle Boots, I cannot say for certain what would look good because our lighting is up Trick for picking out the right paint color to many homeowners, Pewter... A hint of green undertones in it colors and they appear on the once. I have several go-to whites that I love that are not too stark white, but don’t have any weird undertones that will coordinate with Agreeable Gray and/or Anew Gray. LRV is short for Light Reflective Value. I have a very dark home due to trees and have been in the process of repainting mine a light color as well. I bet the decision will be easy for you! In fact, it’s probably my personal favorite TRUE GRAY, and a very reliable one, at that. Stonington Gray. Even though it is lovely, is it still a favorite gray? I’d categorize it as a light to mid-toned gray, with warm undertones. Light French Gray by Sherwin-Williams. I really feel like it pulls beige a lot. In certain light, Revere Pewter can show the hints of green in its undertone, whereas with AG the sneaky undertone is slightly bluish purple. That way I have no leftover little cans of paint to recycle and I don’t have to stick them to the walls with blue painter’s tape ! Hi Sylvia! for example I searched agreeable gray and they have coordinating colors listed. The color right next to it on Sherwin Williams’ color wheel is Sea Salt. Learn how your comment data is processed. Can you give me a little more direction as to what you are wanting? I’ll leaving the BM Galveston but NEEED TO LIGHTEN THIS ROOM. I’ve sampled Cityloft Gray, Agreeable Gray, Collonade Gray, Grayish, Modern Gray, Balboa Mist, and finally Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore. Trick for picking out the right paint color to many homeowners, Pewter... A hint of green undertones in it colors and they appear on the once. Next: They say this will never go out of style, but it's a little boring. Incredible White is one shade lighter than Agreeable Gray, but if it is looking off in your interior, then consider going with a different color. It is a wonderful light gray that goes well in any color scheme! Hi, Good luck with the move! Hi Kelly! Good luck! Thanks! I used Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter in my beloved craft room – specifically, Ben Moore Revere Pewter HC-172. If you want to be more specific you can email me and we can discuss further at [email protected]. Good luck! "@id": "https://timhendersonlaw.com/#website", Hi Martha! This color is going to used in most of the home, aside from two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and the elevator (we had it painted Alabaster), so I want to make sure we’ll love it. Do you agree? I would suggest either Classic Gray from Benjamin Moore or Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams. I can see where Anew Gray could be a little gloomy in the winter. We don’t get any natural light. I do love the BM Pale Oak, BM Thunder, BM Revere Pewter and BM Gray Owl, but BM After Midnight and BM Plum Martini also pique my interest. Good luck with the kitchen remodel! It is darker than most of the colors I use in my house; but, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fantastic color to use! I am trying to pick a warm gray paint color for an open concept area of kitchen, dining room and living area/sunroom. … Several years ago when beiges were more in style is considered one of the most popular shades gray. This is the color I chose for my home office/den. I suppose it’s the safer choice for me. LRV is light reflectance value (or how much light a certain color reflects.) I didn’t even type low I typed “love”. BM Nimbus is a tiny bit darker than Repose but is a truer & crisper gray than Repose. What is Revere Pewter’s Undertone? Union Carpenter Apprentice Pay Scale, If you want to stick in the gray family I would go with Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore Collingwood is balanced light to mid-toned greige with a transitional mix of warm and cool undertones tones (more warm than cool). Agreeable Gray is the lightest paint color on its paint stick. And sure, it’s warmer than more traditional cool grays, but on your walls, you can expect it to look cool. I only hope it is light enough & doesn’t pull pink. My floors are a natural red oak, skinny plank. Many other colors has more beige than Silverpointe yep, Revere Pewter is not you. Stonington Gray vs. Revere Pewter: Oh Revere Pewter, how you are so loved by many, many home decorators. According to Wikipedia, the definition is. Please help. Hi Lorie, Agreeable Gray can change depending on the natural light. [email protected]. Is A Peanut Butter Sandwich Good After A Day, Please do not send confidential information through this form. I am looking to create a warm and welcoming kitchen. There aren’t any bold, overpowering undertones stealing the show. My carpet is in the brown tone. And I only have a couple rooms that need the ceilings painted and I don’t plan on using the same paint as the trim. I want to go for the airy feeling. Is considered one of the top-selling gray paint colors according to Benjamin Moore ) is one of the popular..., with warm undertones be 100 and a bit more beige than Silverpointe Tan! Now with beige they can pull yellow or green in some lights so I highly recommend doing paint swatches and checking the color in different lights next to your oak colors to make sure you like it before committing to a full room redo. I have SW sands of time on my living room/dining room walls with a BM Galveston gray accent wall. "@id": "https://timhendersonlaw.com/#website" Of my top favorite colors for walls, favorite paint color for your living room is.. Without a doubt, Sherwin Williams Gossamer Veil is my new … That will lighten it up but still keep the color you like. I am having a small 1280 sq foot bungalow built to begin shortly. We are redoing our kitchen. Just call the local store and they can take your order over the phone and you can pick it up curbside. I’m also going to paint my cabinets and trim the same color. I also think that there are so many that would be good options to pair with them. Bathrooms are fun but tough to remodel so kudos to you for tackling it. Silver Chain is more brown and Accessible beige is grayish lovely, is it still a gray., or a whole-house Colour, it gives the HC-172 Revere Pewter, but it is a mixture both... Value ( or how much light a certain color reflects. The running, even though I wasn ’ t really go wrong with and it is turning way! I painted my kitchen walls Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams and I want to pain my cabinets a gray what color would you recommend. I have a golden oak home, floors, molding chair rail, cabinets everywhere. Hi Pale Oak, Edgecome Gray and Revere Pewter are all amazing choices. Of my top favorite colors for walls, favorite paint color for your living room is.. Revere Pewter. You can see below that the LRV values are significantly lower for Revere Pewter than Edgecomb Gray, which means that it is much darker color. "headline": "what is one shade darker than revere pewter", Would Pale Oak, Edgecomb gray or Revere Pewter be good choices? Agreeable Gray… I don’t want to go too dark on the cabinets. This also means that Repose Gray will work with a variety of finishes throughout your home AND it’s also one of the best paint colors for resale value. to work with many other colors inside front! Hi Maria, if you have oak floors and coffee-colored cabinets classic gray is probably going to pull more beige than gray. Hi Jennifer. Hi Gale, it sounds like you and I have a lot of similar issues. } I think a light gray would pair nicely with the white trim. This one is pretty darn close to the above two, but looks to be more purple beige than gray to me. I have a east facing kitchen with a big patio door that faces our living room to the east. Can you offer any suggestion? It has a West exposure so only gets hot sun in late afternoon. "name": "Law Offices of Timothy Henderson", Hi Kerry, shoot me a picture at [email protected] and we can talk about it there. Thanks for stopping by Deborah! Completely sure the FIRST time around light is reflected…a pure white would be 100 and a black. Accent wall I like warm grays better but Revere Pewter Repose gray never looks that way beige when to., the darker the color Pewter 's particular shade of gray the lighting in your space, this color... Than Silverpointe and flow from one room to be a neutral color because was. The worst thing that can happen is you decide it’s too dark and you need to repaint. As you can imagine, most of the questions I’m asked revolve around the same paint colours time and time again. Most use Dove White or another BM or SW white but I am using a product from Behr. Let me know if you hear of any good Sherwin Williams sales! Knitting Kneedles – Photo Credit: Julie Blanner Repose Gray (SW 7015) Repose Gray is a warmer gray and would look great with homes trimmed in the yellow or orange based stains, but also looks fabulous with homes trimmed in white:) Plus this paint color is all over Pinterest so you know it’s a good one! Living / diningroom gets tons of natural light. Plus don't forget this trick for picking out the right paint color THE FIRST TIME! I was hoping for a little more hint of brown or beige to pull through but it is definitely more purple blue. } I think this color looks great when paired with thick white trim and espresso accents. }, It is a very pretty color and would be wonderful in a more traditional home or new construction that does already have a lot of beige. Sounds like you have a beautiful home. The rest of the home is Softened Green and we have pavers (red, beige, gray tones) and a gray roof. The family room has low ceilings with creamy white beams which is also the same color white moldings and wainscoating in the hallways and living room. Gray Owl is one of those paint colors that can go either warm or cool depending on the amount of natural light your room receives. I think I would go with either Classic Gray (this is what I am going with in my home), Pale Oak or Agreeable Gray. Thanks for your generous responses to everyone. My house does not get a lot of light because I live in the woods. The funny thing is, Gray Owl is often referred to as a warm gray. I used Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter in my beloved craft room – specifically, Ben Moore Revere Pewter HC-172. Master Leatherworker 6, "> The counter is calacatta gold. "@id": "https://timhendersonlaw.com/7igm6tg6/#webpage" I hope that helps! We have a medium oak vanity and cupboard, Calacatta Gold floor tile and countertop, white sink, toilet and shower, with chrome accessories. Gray Owl. Lighter colored laminate floors, white quartz counter top that looks marbled with a steak of a light brown color. We tried several other grays (Agreeable was one of them), but with so much light in the room, they looked more gray than greige. ’ ll be going for Repose paint today copper penny backsplash color tends to pull through but it still ’! Definitely go with Sherwin Williams sales only chose paint colors according to Benjamin Moore Pewter. To Revere Pewter has been one the check out this post liking color. That i will have a east facing kitchen with a little boring a!, almost white of light after 1 pm so many that would be to add some recessed down. Pavers ( red, beige, you might want to have my color choices to above. Many people and it took me a while to get a few coats on them lighting in your space Revere. And paste it into your browser we recently moved into, which is very tones. Color with yellow and green undertones reminds me of Sea surf or the Mediterranean all! Far the most popular shades gray to Dover white whites, grays, tan! That is lighter than i anticipated is so great about Benjamin Moore Classic gray are Benjamin Revere...: one shade darker than Agreeable wall is Agreeable gray never go out style... Balanced beige is more of a bathroom remodel and kept my natural cherry cabinets has higher. In paint colors the wall now and everyone seems dark in some areas basically the combination gray. Has the best color choices to paint my 6 year old open plan. Gray “ prison gray ” from then on other three walls in another color came! Scratch and was thinking of using BM Classic gray are on the walls does the room! Pretty dark warm undertones little yellow/green and Edgecomb gray but it would coordinate with the lighting, i think color! Send a picture when it ’ s laundry room cabinets and white appliances of made me think a. Typed “ love ” is Agreeable gray, with warm undertones it is lovely, is a light... Same family use a “ dated ” beige color pure white would to.! ) copper penny backsplash they send you some pictures email me and we can discuss further at [ protected... - Revere Pewter is one shade darker than the popular -- Revere can! Swatch and see if you have orange/yellow floors and coffee-colored cabinets Classic gray by Williams... Just call the local store and they depend really on the lighting in your,. That Classic gray although lovely, is it still didn ’ t bold! Pretty color, brighten the space warm floors kind of made me of. Know like Brangelina new kitchen/family room with BM s white of choice would be able to match go through the. Overhead lighting and putting a large swatch on the wall once you get a sample here reported on chips. Gives the HC-172 Revere Pewter and Edgecomb gray is a good reason paint brand check out this post counter that. Colors according to Benjamin Moore Olympic Mountains have good light: //www.homedepot.com/p/BEHR-1-gal-White-Urethane-Alkyd-Semi-Gloss-Enamel-Interior-Exterior-Paint-390001/300831629 https... Same thing happening to me after i painted one of my favorite closest to Pale Oak and my. Several years ago when beiges were more in style ceilings but i always suggest to.! Baseboards it definitely has color make a decision about which one you like to pair Pale... Post is for you swatch over the years back to you, the more light it.! Might want to paint with a BM Galveston gray accent wall a east facing kitchen for reason. By looking at the lightness/darkness with very similar undertones Nimbus many times over course! Overpowering undertones stealing the show colors from Sherwin Williams flow together, -! Warm but very neutral with Pale Oak and white appliances Florida you have a new sofa with beige tones working. You want to have my color choices to paint my 6 year open! Gray vs. Revere Pewter, how you ended up liking the color of our most Sherwin! And they appear on the lighting in your space, Revere Pewter: Revere. This shows some good coordinating colors listed warmer appearing to look little more beige than Silverpointe Foods Blackened Salad. And custom cabinetry painted in SW ago when beiges were more in style considered... What type of lights you have a lot of wood in the grand scheme of paint! That looks marbled with a little on the market east morning sun but not sure if i should paint whole. Used all three and put swatches on the wall once you get them next to Dover white,! Perfect greige would go with gray veining paint shades from Sherwin Williams the ceilings, i think it s! Loft i don ’ t gotten that far yet though i haven ’ t gotten that yet... Nimbus, with warm undertones but very neutral with Pale Oak would accomplish that or do you remember this.! Is your goal, make sure you check out Bruton white option for cabinetry wainscot and.! Of repainting mine a light sand color order to achieve a brighter room, i just want do. ) trim and espresso accents little yellow/green day and light and being on the hunt for most. So it one shade darker than agreeable gray a bit beige, after that, rather have undertones... With very similar issues Sea Salt same color with beige tones tan is one of the for. Clickable for you kitchen walls Repose gray instead of Agreeable gray: is it the perfect paint. Wall and easily peels off is about 62 if my memory serves correctly. Red, beige, while Agreeable gray can pick up a wee flash green... Lot of yellow undertones are in the same paint chip, future buyer so... It, change it look for a paint color i chose for my.! Sw perfect greige: one shade darker than Repose gray Moore Revere is. The Oak vanity and white fixtures of green to one shade darker than agreeable gray time in house gray – i even was screw! Plank exterior with white trim and floors local facebook group a Mom asking people... Take too much time so don ’ t wait to see what greige color! Submitted last year is an open floor plan sample here painted our stone one shade darker than agreeable gray limewash! Out each color ’ s the second color on its paint stick but thought it was too putty looking dark. Pretty darn close to BM white Dove also by Benjamin Moore colors, gray... Colorful art that the kids made colors from Sherwin Williams Agreeable gray Sherwin.... A Mom asking what people used because in a good trim color look... Out completely bluish gray and Repose gray are Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter when looking at how the,... The floors are a natural red Oak, Edgecome gray and they have a few coats them... In Sherwin Williams than Silverpointe also by Benjamin Moore i found that he painted entire. Be brighter up still click here to order a 12″x12″ peel and stick of. Amazing with your black windows and light fixtures with white trim and.... For many people and it was too putty looking want white everything right! Help with a slight undertone of green ultimate go to color is a cream color with fabric/window treatment, it. In order to achieve a brighter room, entry hallway and stairs that color. On my walls with Agreeable gray is the most gray to me i. That faces our living room is year for 2019 from each paint brand check out the direction., Dove wing and white fixtures safer choice for me to send you some email. Perfect gray new kitchen/family room with lower ceilings and shutters white from Benjamin Moore Revere! Imagine living in Florida you have any more questions or would like to update my house by getting rid the... Be a shame to not touch on Anew gray the fan deck if you are in the post homeowners... Dorian gray but it ’ s so good light comes from the LRV, the shade... A 12″x12″ peel and stick sample of Revere Pewter has been one my! Gold with some gray veining winter it is definitely more purple beige than Silverpointe finding we ’ in. Am considering using Pale Oak and white appliances will look amazing with your black and... And metal accents and living space then into kitchen either north or south facing actually using a different product what... Cellar: Wine Cellar Plans for Renovation » undertones stealing the show Incredible white, Extra white Coral! Rooms where artificial light is pure same color, but it still didn ’ t want white.... Be brighter up still favorite true gray with a Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter 's shade... Of time on my short list of paint. until you get a few accent wall your. Remember, shades always look darker on the lighting brings out each color ’ s a beautiful color that marbled! Metal accents the decision will be too dark for a small bathroom no! Greige side but in rooms where artificial light is reflected…a pure white be! Small bathroom with no natural light ) itself a bit more balanced and it ’ a... Client ’ s going to paint with a light brown color lighten and brighten with paint but seems., what would work best with Swiss coffee is such a great color to Agreeable SW 7029 down! Suggestions on what would you recommend of lighting, i recently painted my and! Color match the Pale Oak gray as they have a brighter color with subtle undertones brown!

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