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I am a very experienced carpet/vinyl mechanic along with a few other trade skills. To install carpet in your vehicle, visit a carpet store and order marine carpet. The simple answer is if you have basic mechanical skills you can do this. When it comes time to change that carpet, most believe they must rip up the old carpet, grind away all the old glue from the floors, and then have new carpet glued down. Tools needed for a carpet job are pretty much the same ones you use for upholstery and canvas jobs. Step 4: Carefully cut the pieces of carpet with some share scissors. Re: Re-carpet my boat myself or take it to a pro? Follow these steps: 1. The carpet tore up in chunks. Mineral spirits will remove overspray on carpet. Choose from a variety of boat carpets with different textures, colors, and quality. That is the question. Not every type of carpet glue can be used in outside, wet areas, so make sure the glue you choose is formulated for this. Contact glue will dry but will be reactivated when more glue is applied to it or when it comes in contact with other dry glue. Removing old carpet can take longer than planned: It might be glued down, and installers often use too much glue, so the old carpet has to be scraped off. Hold the carpet in place and use the staple gun to secure the carpet. Be sure to buy a glue that’s suitable for marine carpet installation. During the installation, protect your hands with disposable vinyl gloves and work in a well-ventilated area. Drape the carpet over the bunks lining up the edges and keeping the carpet centered. IMO real carpet glue will make your finished product look better and last longer.
the stuff at the Depot (Henry I think) ia rated for fiberglass and marine. In addition, purchase the appropriate type of glue for the job. (For most adhesives, it is applied directly to the deck.) Step 5: Apply marine carpet glue like boat and outdoor carpet glue by following the directions carefully, ensuing an even and consistent spread. What I learned when I re-carpeted mine is that there is a different glue used for the aluminum lids and deck. Even after years of carpeting boats, Rogers says it’s still tricky to estimate the cost of a job. Latex-based glue, for instance, is water soluble and won’t work for boat carpet installation. Re: boat carpet adhesive 3m super 77 is no where near as good as actual carpet cement, WeldWood doesn't allow positioning and liquid nails is a huge mess. I have re-carpeted many bass/cruiser/pontoon boats and they are all not that bad. I always say anyone can do my job. When most boats were made, carpet was glued down within the boat. This becomes an EXTREMELY time costly and expensive project. Then hit it with a sander. The boat is just about perfect for me, but theres' a few things I'd like to add/change on it to make it even better. MUCH stronger. Re: Which glue for replacing carpet on aluminum I am looking forward to learning all sorts of stuff about working on my boat. Had to hack away at it with a putty knife to get the glue residue off. My boat is a 1995 1648 F&F welded aluminum with a 1995 50 hp Yamaha jet. roll out carpet and make sure you do not go all the way to the end of the spread glue, … Test a sample and see what it does. Keep the seam on the bottom side away from the side that contacts the boat, and not on the same side that the bunks attach to the frame. In With the New: How to Install Boat Carpet. Re: Carpet - Adhesive versus contact cement HI
put carpet in a few of my boats now and always used contact adhesive to do it, get carpet to fit pretty good first, then start at one end put some glue on floor only (not carpet as well) only do a bit at a time the full width of the boat!

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