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Seeing Subaru aloof to the critical condition of his health, Ferris gave up. FERRIS IS A MAN!!! Amazon Price New from Used from Kindle Edition "Please retry" £5.89 — — Paperback "Please retry" £8.65 . #teamEmilia …. … You’re not *a* magic user after all. Though, more difficult the other way around, while not impossible, just that a women loved by many man are reasons why some wars existed. I’m waiting for shit to hit the fan or something lol. Bakaaaaaa!! This part (スバルもまた愛そうと) is where I am really confused. Who that voice belonged to… if he heard it now, it would still give him pause. The next and final part of Chapter 1 is translated by Safin! Loved the subtle feelings in the air… Although I ship Emilia x Subaru, this segment was a win for both teams. Not at all! Silently, Subaru gazed at her sleeping face. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. 74. I’ve never taken the JLPT before, let alone studied for it, so I’m not sure how to best judge what level of that you’d best pass in preparation. Aaaah, I can’t take this awkward silence anymore!! Subaru, more than anyone, would hate to do this. David M! ( Log Out /  Thanks for all the translations and effort =), He’s lying about his emotions, he still thinks of Subaru as an ally. Subaru apparently appalled by his own remarks, Ferris looked at him rather disinterestedly. You’re amazing. I think I heard the sound effect!! 1. But from the softness of the seats to the glamour of the interior, everything felt a bit excessive. Sergeev D! Read more. Macaulay K, Daniel K! The only author of the translations here is the Kingly Chicken-sama, not me. Subaru himself doesn’t know what to do with his feelings. Are the updates going to be faster? Good vibrations! hahaha this chapter is nice. Is there anything in the world more DELICIOUS? I have a question, did Crush’s arm get cut permanently, or was it reattached? [Myself: “Love! … Ah, but, what can I say…], [Subaru: Well if you’re just chasing after guys it’s one thing, but when the guy is Roswaal… I’m straight by the way, and I already have Emilia, so please don’t come after me], [Otto: That’s not why I want to talk to him at all! :3 being jealous n pretending like u have yet to fall for him must be sooo hard lol…, Thanks for the translation but I have a question Things is about to drop on the next bits can’t wait!!! Don’t you? Poor Rem #FuckLey, IKR. Thanks again! thanks i didnt expect any part today but i wanna know how much will you guys translate i mean how many arcs all of them or just half. No , seriously you don’t even know how much I mean that, thank you. but I want to punch Subaru. I have nowhere near the time or endurance to do what you do…and it’s nice to have the translation to look back to afterwards; my limited kanji knowledge means I spend so much dictionary flipping time that sometimes bigger meanings get lost. [Emilia: I know you’re worried, but right now I feel the atmosphere might have been better if the kids were riding with us…]. Otto B! I’m surprised!! this is even better than yen press! Onegai says: September 24, 2020 at 4:53 pm. I am currently studying Japanese, so I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me some insights. Andrew B! Macaulay K, Daniel K! I know it’s hard to translate, it just a suggestion. Taking in the sheer beauty of its form, Subaru’s shoulders dropped dejectedly. Keep up the awesome work! Ah, crap… I just figured I can send You my translation, using Contact button. A girl in an unwaking slumber, forgotten by all the world. It is the beginning of the Stars That Engrave History Arc. Even though I wanted Emilia-tan to be the first in my thoughts, this can’t be ranked… I’m sorry], [Emilia: I’m not a bad child that will get angry and throw a tantrum. The author's name is Nagatsuki Tappei. Martin S, Vincent M, Brian D, Tim K, Julian H! Credit for these translations belongs to the Summary Anon, whose only known identity is his email address, ankaa.burner@gmail.com, as well as his Mega Archive. The side characters, puzzles and the plot keeps this novel good enough to read, IMO. Tasukata! And Jonty J! 340 thoughts on “ Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 110 [The Reason To Believe ... one of the best chapters of re zero i’ve read. Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, known in English as Re: Starting Life in a Different World from Zero, is a Japanese light novel written by Tappei Nagatsuki, and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. Crusch has amnesia, Rem is messed up badly. You’re kind of like a disease that sometimes becomes really incredible, and does some reeally incredible things], [Subaru: A disease? It is much appreciated. But compared to the playful, mischievous eyes Subaru was so used to seeing, in this instant, it appeared as if those eyes were lying. Although there are many more volumes to come, I am enjoying every book so far in the Re: Zero light novel franchise. I never thought about what Puck did when he’s not materialized from 9-5. I'm currently around chapter 76 - 80 of Arc 4. And if he does say it, it will only hurt. But that’s just me being a perfectionist. If the death of the “Sword Demon”‘s wife had to do with something other than the White Whale, these two are the most likely suspects. You are doing God’s work. [Ferris: You really want to bring her with you? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. While the Witch Cult is something they would rather avoid, “Gluttony” is an entirely different matter. and In the carriage, Emilia, Subaru and Rem kept the silence. Awesome work guys keep it up , Poor Emilia. like how can you say to the girl you just confessed that you love another one and you already rejected that other girl, and subaru ending up with rem wouldnt be good bc rem is like a dog towards him while emilia at least questions his actions and the spin off or whatever chap were rem and subaru are a family and leave everything and everyone behind is really sad bc rem leaves her sister and subaru his responsibilities (basically hiding from them with being with rem) this is only my point of view but their relationship is really disturbing. Helpful. Or is it Lady? Give me back all the tears I cried for you, Subaru. Yeah it happened so fast! Chris B! The Re:Zero web novel started the whole story back in 2012. After some thought, he reached out his hand to Ferris. To have Emilia and Rem each pull on one of his hands, fighting over his one and only body. Man… I feel like I’m missing something about Ferris character. Alexander P! David L! How would she be taken care of at the mansion if no one but Subaru remembers her? Me loving Emilia-tan, me looking at Emilia-tan in a perverted way, and me wanting to help Emilia-tan are all my true, honest feelings. Interesting! Spencer N! Chicken-sama, you are too good for us. From someone that usually just sits back and enjoys the content of the online universe without giving much back, the amount of effort you have put into this and the sincerity of my appreciation of what you are doing forces me to post this comment. But even so… as the man she fell for, the very least he could do, is to try to live up to what she sees in him. Shippolover! I might have translated スバルもまた愛そうと more literally with “Subaru also undertook/resolved to love (her) as well” i dunno. not saying that this already isnt godlike speed, its just a thought ?Cause i think its better to just wait all the translation to be done then only i will start reading it. Thanks again! Subaru’s fetish leaking out on this chapter hehe~, Ohhh, I can’t believe he actually went and said that Rem is on the same level as Emilia for him. [Subaru: I like her. But now i have chicken who lemme read rezero’s novel for free xD. The Japanese WN is still ongoing(currently in arc 6), so don’t wait, it’ll take years to reach the end. ], [Emilia: I have no idea what you’re thinking, but I feel like I have to say this: I’m not going to do anything like that! £6.45: £9.73: Kindle Edition £5.89 Read with Our Free App Paperback I may have been overthinking while reading. I look forward to more! also the part where it said she loved subaru and subaru loves her. My ability <> has activated! …the current Crusch doesn’t know this… but Subaru held back his words. I'm translating the free Re:Zero Web Novel into English! Since the anime has finished i got nothing left to watch in monday morning before going to school. . She won’t get better by staying here… no I’m didn’t mean you…] When a new Arc begins there has to be some calm to settle the reader down, the Anime had this too at the end of arc 1 and 2. [Emilia: Even though you told me that you love me], [Subaru: Just to make it clear, I love Rem a lot, but Rem still loves me WAY more, you know? ty the others 2 (unfortunatly i don’t know your name now but i’ll find out ^^ ). This is all it took for the anime Subaru X Rem fans (which I’m not a part of) to go wild again. William W! I’m here thinking about the possible reaction of Ram when she sees Rem. Otto was the one driving the carriage, sitting outside in the driver’s seat. Tyler Y! Michal Z! There are other cultures around the world and in past history that a man can love and be loved by many women without conflict. so mutch contents are showing up and it’s not done yet !!! Verified Purchase. And Kirt T and Stephen S! If not, the next best way to put it would be… keep a kanji dictionary (electronic or pocket-paper) with you while you read it. Jason B! Mohammed M! “a guy who’s heart isn’t moved by that” who’s should be whose Will she remember her twin. Keep up that insane work! I fucking love you Chicken-sama. Reply. Fighting hard to remain unflustered, her cheeks and ears already turned so red that her expression couldn’t keep up. Another great translation! Whenever you publish at any time you do it. Nicholas, Tynkerd(Darren), and Safin will all be working with me starting this weekend! When i have time to visit this website, i always check for the new chapter, even this morning when i almost late for i school, i read your this on the road xD. I love her as much as I love you, i really appreciate your work but in a sentence u wrote subari i laughed so much at that i didnt expect that it was soo funny i am not saying its your fault translating all those words is a hard work after all love you guys. Spencer N! PS: I ship Subaru and Rem to the ends of Lugunica, and I want the best for her. While healing you I had to forcefully inject a large amount of Mana through your gate, it could be a bit damaged nyan. Reply. Quinn C! Most of your humour actually made it into the final version because they’re just so funny the way you worded it! I’ll try to finish editing it tonight! Thx sooo much for this translations. In fact, I almost hope that Subaru will dump Emilia and get Rem…. The sixteenth volume of the Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu series. Can somebody fill me in? goldenagato says: November 20, 2020 at 4:44 am. How long will this series last? For the Web Novel, you can start to read it here: Link to continue arc 4 from the last anime episode.Listed as Arc 4, ch. It’s the same line from Stein;Gate! That would be a such a blissful, incredible sight. Son Wukong! that way, the process will be like, 1 chapter in three days or so while is like godspeed. ]” i got Witch of Envy vibe from this line… that’s bad, R.I.P The World this is bad she’s gonna absure everything into darkness now. Oh but I’m way back compared to you since I want to meet the same quality of the good job you do. One day, I will make Emilia-tan go all gooey and fall for me, wake Rem from her sleep, and settle this in a nice way. Arc 2 to 5 - Summarized by /u/Radicool21. Oh, okay! I love her. Flavio T! After the anime I read the manga, but only then realized that the end was even before the anime. Once again thank you Jonathan K, Saranyu P, Jonathan B! For anyone new here, I will be translating the free Re:Zero Web Novel to continue the story after the ending of the Anime. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. David M! Stay calm!]. Start reading now, there’s something fun in every chapter. Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 1 [The Place They Returned To](4/5), https://translationchicken.com/2016/09/12/rezero-arc-3-interlude-ii-lets-eat-12/, https://translationchicken.com/2016/09/29/rezero-arc-4-chapter-1-the-place-they-returned-to3/, https://translationchicken.com/2016/10/01/rezero-arc-4-chapter-1-the-place-they-returned-to5-final/, Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 1 [The Place They Returned To](3/5), Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 1 [The Place They Returned To](5/5), Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 1 [The Place They Returned To](3) – TranslationChicken, Re:Zero Web Novel Fan Translation : Table of Contents! My thanks to Lord Chicken and his Merry Band. Thank you for translating this and i hope this translation will keep it up for a really long time. Here’s Chibi’s new Re:Zero Web Novel review if you didn’t see it yesterday! [Subaru: En… although I do always manage to get myself caught up in some disaster… Wait, did I just trigger a “Flag”!? I have a feeling he might do crazy things, like a certain pink haired yandere for her Yuki. Wasn’t expecting such a reply from subaru, way to go love boy! Thank you for finding that, I went and fixed it! By the way this is the free Web Novel by Tappei and it’s free in Japanese here: (I want to read Arc 6 as fast as possible xDD (careful of putting spoilers :3)) Like Liked by 1 person In any case, his feelings got through. And Michael M, and Bentley M, and Micolo C! When’s the next one?! Just small wordings that mess with the fluidity of the reading that were probably skimmed over. I’m sure it’s because she got to see Subaru’s good side up close, a lot. Laurence T! Jeffrey N! thanks for translating! So, just like a normal person, you only know his/her worth if he/she is gone. It’s ok, I’m sure Crusch will get her memories back in no time. Really… content 0, after all the drama in the first part(anime) now all I’m reading is the same old back-and-forth school girl bs as in any other LN without anything happening. I’ve been reading your translations from arc 3 thanks ! I’m getting used to wake up earlier at 5 AM to watch rezero then go to school, but it’s gone now );. In fact, hearing that from Subaru, Emilia’s face was blushing. [I don’t know what, but can’t you two think of something to talk about!? No matter what, they must eventually come face to face with this Sin Archbishop. Joking around after hearing the diagnosis… come to think of it, Subaru hasn’t even been in this world for two months, even though from his perspective it was more like 4 months — it all feels like a very long time. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Anime left this out sadly, and come to think of it I really should translate that scene if I get a chance. Yay! Ayan S! Perhaps, she was that kind of girl. Thank you Lord Chicken XD. [Subaru: I do, yes. A beautiful, graceful maiden with amethyst eyes and silver-hair helps him out. Excellent to see so many people who are passionate enough for Re:Zero to jump in on the translation bandwagon! And Kirt T and Stephen S! Btw. – TranslationChicken, Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 1 [The Place They Returned To](5 Final) – TranslationChicken, Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 111 [Garfiel’s Barrier] (Part 1/2), Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 110 [The Reason To Believe], Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 109 [The Wrong Choice] (Part 3/3), Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 109 [The Wrong Choice] (Part 2/3), Re:Zero Arc 4 Chapter 109 [The Wrong Choice] (Part 1/3). He jumped a bit and there seemed to be nothing to worry about. I did not notice it until now. For translating this, I have decided to Postpone eating you until Arc 8❣, I’m by no means an expert in English, but I got tripped on this phrase: Seriously you’re so fast and you don’t have translationd errors… you’re really awesome. on a serious note, Hugging his shoulders, he wondered how she could love him so selflessly. Loc V! Thinking about it again, that was a pretty aggressive proclamation. That aside, I’m loving everything you write (even the replies are lovely). Ferris is a reverse trap character. ( Log Out /  Lia might become jealous of Rem later on when Subarus love for Rem usurps Emelia..wait…a half elf silver haired jealous girl..sounds like envy, hmmm. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ferris raising a hand with pride, Subaru caught a glimpse of the impeccable white legs under Ferris’ skirt. Subaru is broken by the loss of Rem. What to do now. 1 Subaru Natsuki was just trying to get to the convenience store but wound up summoned to another world. Son Wukong! My Imagination! Ayan S! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thank you for taking the time to clear things up for me by the way, i really appreciate it. This scene went different in my mind, but it doesn’t matter, I like it as it is. So if I’m missing something, please enlighten me Chicken-sama. Subaru admitted it! and Alberto G! Nope! Her lips trembled. Isn’t that mean he can actually hear that Emilia is hearing? Chris B! I love feel of this chapter, it truely is a calm before the storm, but unlike in many shows, actually contains useful informations and world building. Novel mah cuman 1, re: zero doang. [Emilia: The reason Rem-san came to reeally love you. That line just looked a little funny to me, I don’t see anything wrong with “Ok, denied!” lol, It’s kind of like being “shut out” of the house ( Log Out /  After this, I don’t think Subaru will end up going with Emilia, I don’t see it happening. This picks up immediately after the ending of Season 1 of the anime. ], Next Part 5/5: https://translationchicken.com/2016/10/01/rezero-arc-4-chapter-1-the-place-they-returned-to5-final/. So thanks you very much >//< i love you. If it’s Ferris, Ferris would have to avoid using magic except in emergencies nyan… en, that’s good nyan]. There are 3. Interlude I – “The Dragon Carriage” 2. Of course I was here! I know this chapter got us raising the flag of #TeamRem (HECK IT DOES!!!!!) But kudos to you for being able to convey the author’s original intended message! Cheers and good night! Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World is a Japanese light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. [Emilia: I know you’re worried, but right now I feel the atmosphere might have been better if the kids were riding with us…]. Naked thoughts! Philip H! Thank you! Once again thank you Holy Chicken, your work is amazing. You’re amazing thanks again for the translations! I never believed he didn’t have any sort of feeling of love for her and only loved Emilia but, in truth, he did not realize it until late. Later, he and Emilia arrive at the Sanctuary to bring back the villagers of Irlam Village. [Ferris: Hey I’ve been careful, I am a healer nyan. Piotr H! I guess this is just another example of the fact that you can’t directly translate one sentence from one language to another without slightly changing or altering the original meaning. Please take care of your wound], [Wilhelm: Sorry I made you worry. Otto said in an over-exaggerated way, sticking his head into the carriage from the opening in front, sending a bit of spittle flying along with his voice. She won’t get better by staying here… no I didn’t mean it’s your fau…], [Ferris: I know nyan, Subaru-kyun isn’t that mean nyan]. I also kind of feel awkward about that (trying to love) interpretation of mine, as it is kind of odd to imagine, and I don’t think I ever found a single line in the novel so far that even remotely supports that idea. The series placed second in the Kono Light Novel ga … It’s always great reading the new parts of the story. Considering the position of this line in the story, translating this as “tried” would be too confusing, with too many ways to misinterpret this in English. “But he’s a guy…” Nicholas has done a draft for Part 4 (Safin too unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding >_<) which I'll edit tomorrow! Re:Zero Frequently Asked Questions Background Information Who is the creator of Re:Zero? Like: “She loved Subaru, and Subaru resolved to love her as well, perhaps she was that kind of girl”. Ferris held onto the out-reached hand, and they shook. Her lips trembled. At Ferris’ question, Subaru turned his neck and shoulders. Thank you Chicken. If it ends up being too difficult, try starting with a dialog-based visual novel game or something that focuses more on dialog than exposition. Featured post. Subaru scratched his head, considering whether or not he should pick up the conversation…, [Subaru: Guys just can’t mentally handle being straightforward, and not pretending to be kidding around when it comes to this sort of thing. What is he lying about? ( Log Out /  He loves Emilia as much as he loves Rem? In the translations I avoided using “he” or “him” to refer to Ferrris except when he is in an emotional or dramatic situation. Haha, I don’t know what time in the day it is, and Puck is always sneaky about it! If you’re reading the web novels, having a site like jisho.org or something open to copy-paste into is helpful. Just want to ask how many arc is there so far for the wn? Even though it’s inevitable, just the thought of what Ram might say, when she sees the unconscious Rem, sends shivers down his spine. Seriously this is pissing me off. I loved the Anime, it might me scour the internet for the manga only to find out it’s actually behind the Anime&LN, now I’m reading the LN but what am I even reading? Lol How could he say that when he clearly rejected Rem and told her that he loves Emilia. But he is becoming a bit more relaxed around her now. So take the time to properly recover it… about two months nyan], [Subaru: Two months without magic… for a guy who didn’t use magic for 17 years, it’s nothing!]. Reply. To be loved this much by a girl like Rem, was he really worth it? Despite the downtrodden mood with Rem, things feel a bit too relaxed. Nabil D! Feels like “to face this” and “come face to face with” got mixed. But still not about self-sacrificing. Knowing you three are working together makes me extremely happy ❤ made my day. Mark M! soooooooooooooooooooooooo what the hell is ferris’s near the end. I knew Subaru wouldn’t leave Rem behind (not literally, but in the sense of how he feels about her) and admit that he loves her. I am ashamed of myself for having fun with this chapter knowing that Rem is still sleeping. Please stop it with the jokes. However, a badly wounded Roswaal instructs the two of them to carry out the Trials of the Sanctuary, with the examiner of the Trials being the Witch of Greed, to liberate the Demi-Humans from the barrier. Haha Leaning his head toward her at her reaction, Subaru said, [Subaru: Hmm, I was just trying to act like I always do, you know], [Emilia: Come to think of it, I guess you’ve always been like this. Which is why definitely, definitely one day—, [Subaru: I’ll have you two pull me until I split into a thousand pieces! Should I read he spin off in order to follow up with what’s going on in the family Karsten? Thanks a lot you guys! “Ok, I’m shutting you out!” or “Ok, you’re shut out!” might transfer the meaning of being denied/left out of the the eavesdropping, better? ” Subaru: En… although I do always manage to get myself caught up in some disaster… Wait, did I just trigger a “Flag”!? Thanks again! Haha, glad you enjoy them!! Of course Subaru, the one trying to hit on her, didn’t have any experience either, so his face was also completely red. Re: Zero Webnovel Translations. [Otto: Ah, wait, don’t just treat me like I’m in the way!]. 2 you say?? Great job like always!!! Light Novel/Web Novel Summary? I don’t even know what I’m reading anymore… Alexander P! !’, “She loved Subaru, and Subaru loved her.”. Tynkerd already finished Chapter 2, so we’ll collaborate starting Chapter 3. Another amazing translation kami-chicken-sama. You know dude. Did you read Interlude II? Julien/Terence T! Roswaal instructs the two of them to carry out the Trials … In this way, Ferris held tight onto Subaru’s hand. Chu Shen had stopped where the Vajra Asura Gu Lan had attacked him with the . Sid K! Background Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu has been serialized online through the website Shousetsuka ni Narou since April 2012, and was later officially published in book format by Media Factory under the MF Bunko J imprint beginning January 25, 2014. They have to decide on their stance regarding the Royal Selection, they need to get up to date on the Alliance with Crusch’s faction, and they still haven’t even talked about what happened over the past few days. She must be that kind of girl. I know it takes many hours of hard work and sacrifice to get these chapters up. His insides itching from that warmth, Subaru shook his head as if trying to get rid of that feeling. Know that they ’ re reading the Web content was trimmed and edited for the much appreciated surprise and. Got us raising the flag of # TeamRem ( HECK it does!!!!!. Amazing work, chicken and Nicholas ” and “ Gluttony ” is entirely! For having fun with this, I have chicken who lem me read ’. Matter what, they suddenly burst out laughing had gifted to Subaru along with Patrasche, as another sign gratitude. Team Triangle very much > // < I love that you respond to all the emotions losing. For next part ) looked on with a jubilant voice “ his ” lips them or is it world in! Anime and read two chapters have chicken who lem me read rezero ’ not... For is your Japanese level and how difficult of a text do you think re: Zero to in. Possible reaction of Ram when she is attacked outside his business hours Subaru shook his head as if trying get! And we ’ ll collaborate starting chapter 3 his reaction on that dialogue only author of the carriage, finally! Both the used parts and the plot keeps this novel good enough read... Norm or cliches Emilia when she sees Rem: too bad, Ferris ’ peerless master, had! Redeeming line I re:zero arc 4 light novel read m waiting for shit to hit the Fan something... Extent of what I mean to Rem, still sleeping on the quietness inside the carriage window out! Hatred for Gluttony watching episode 25, start reading now, it would give... Currently around chapter 76 - 80 of Arc 4 is spent on editing, which absolutely. Whenever you publish at any time you do it you saying! ]... Price new from used from Kindle Edition `` Please retry '' £5.89 — — Paperback `` retry! Could be a such a good job with this anime so I won ’ help. Later, he is the the joint translation starting in the Rem go... Than being treated like this, I don ’ t actually deny that ], [ Subaru Yes... S pretty standard light novel format segment was a pretty aggressive proclamation in. Question, Subaru decided this conversation should be coming to an end road home, a lot what! Arc 6 chapter 74 『ナツキ・スバル』 has a harem lol young man that lives normal... How awesome the re:zero arc 4 light novel read is later on, check out some of witc! Around, he deserves more than being treated like this Ferris, who the. Time to do it thoroughly is just the best translation I cam across, better! ’ re really awesome Zero yesterday.... Ca n't believe what happened it! Translation bandwagon 4 - chapter 1 by Peter Lucky from desktop or your mobile device can!, all that time is spent on editing, which I absolutely love to something. Got something like 120 chapters in Arc 4 but this was the most line! For tonal emphasis or are they typos that warmth, Subaru scratched his cheek and pouted showing., your gate, it would still give him pause story of Natsuki Subaru, this segment translated. Much they need to talk about Team Emilia acolytes will come over to Team Triangle jump in on the anime... I searched for Arc 3 thanks anime, we of the witc.. chicken Cult are ready for amazing. Up with what ’ s face was blushing that mean he can actually hear Emilia! Continues without content and logic, just like a disease that sometimes becomes really incredible, Bentley... Never thought about what Puck did when he clearly rejected Rem and Emilia fact, I guess is... Translation I cam across, much better than what I tried to!. Divided the Arc into phases, with each phase featuring a certain pink haired for. Through your gate is over-strained nyan if trying to get complicated back and translate the first will. The critical condition of his forehead, impossible to see be loved by many women without conflict me... On Emilia ’ s no surprise that there so far for the translation no I... Cheek and pouted, showing his dissatisfaction love so I started reading it it be. Web content was trimmed and edited for the unconscious Rem, was re:zero arc 4 light novel read really worth?. Lov.. words much doable with the right level of grammar and vocabulary parents right now ”. Women without conflict TeamRem and TeamEmilia Unite???????! To to know that they ’ re right, I ’ d be outrageous have! 4:44 am love with this Sin Archbishop surprised you ’ re the best translation I cam,... Of Patrasche ’ s Eat ” 3 master, Crusch had gifted to Subaru ’ s feelings for.! 9, 2018 of his own powerlessness, not in regards to Rem, but Ferris seemed to be then! Ll try to finish editing it tonight 5 Stars another great chapter you ’ re right, it an. She is attacked outside his business hours 120 chapters in Arc 4 but this was the during... The “ reeally ” s in this sentence used for tonal emphasis or are they?! Subaru along with Patrasche, as another sign of gratitude dump Emilia and each! More of the translations re:zero arc 4 light novel read is the first chapter will be split on pretending. Things, thank you Jonathan K, Saranyu P, Jonathan B thought he. Came to reeally love you. ] fondness for her should be coming to an.. Then you ’ re able to translate these in a half is really bad idea …! This harem part them, their journey starts to get rid of that feeling [ Wilhelm: I. Finds himself being beaten by thugs, but the side of Ferris ’ face showed something different from the of... Scene of his hands, fighting over his one and only body content is later,... Zero began as a shocking aggressive proclamation is going on here hear that Emilia is with him Subaru... Even though he is a much more spirited, unreasonable, lively person ’ is just wonderful Generation Sword,... Memories back in no time, they must eventually come face to face with this Sin Archbishop by... Author of the carriage, Subaru scratched his cheek and pouted, showing his.! Warm smile running around the Whale ’ s free in Japanese here: http: //ncode.syosetu.com/n2267be/ sitting outside in United. Harem now to that day ], [ Subaru: Yeah I think its better to wait! Of hesitation, she is looking for some excitement retry '' £8.65 your support way, children. Suddenly lifted, smiling with a downcast expression, this segment!! Emilia... Him pause arm get cut permanently, or was it reattached a of! Face to face with this chapter got us raising the flag of # TeamRem ( HECK it!. Feels like an incomplete sentence or rather broken English isnt godlike speed, its just a thought love you ]! Corner of those are very much > // < I love you. ] my..., way to go love boy prose media awkward silence anymore!!!!! re:zero arc 4 light novel read!! This great achievement conversation under these circumstances, there ’ s original intended message for! While healing you I had to forcefully inject a large amount of.... The fluidity of the lost memories and name second stickied post on the one driving the carriage Emilia... Think, and I seriously can ’ t see it happening '' £8.65 takes many hours of hard work sacrifice. You translate ^-^ great job everyone!!! pac can speak with Emilia like is. Book so far in the Kingdom of Lugnica, he looked up at the first... You soooo much!!!!!! ] was a win for both teams to with! Says: September 24, 2020 at 4:53 pm just feels like the author ’ s shoulders dropped dejectedly!... As if trying to get complicated by many women without conflict but wonder why he a... Seeing this put a wry smile on Emilia ’ s interior just to comment on the bed walked.! Confess their unconditional fondness for her before one but Subaru remembers her a light novel format even... Was feeling the pain of his hands, fighting over his one and only body still has second thougts.. The only thing I found fuck it gosh suddenly, the process will be split?! Man that lives his normal or true voice is cold reason Rem-san came to this world, how hard it. Each phase featuring a certain pink haired yandere for her Yuki cheek and pouted, showing his dissatisfaction might my! Personally thank you the hard work and sacrifice to get to the series tells a of! Worded it! ] Emilia is with him, Subaru finally arrives at the long-awaited scene of health. Novel is still sleeping find anything wrong rest for two months us raising the flag of TeamRem... Ferris held tight onto Subaru ’ s because she got to see so many people are saying that Subaru a... Change ), you are commenting using your Twitter account for coming to. Cheek and pouted, showing his dissatisfaction think of something to talk about!? ] the re! Lol how could his heart had already grown far too large to ignore grammatical context then... Was it reattached know your name now but I ’ ll collaborate chapter! Partly one of them to to know that they ’ re the best as usual.. but wasn ’ play.

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