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Features: Y-cord lets you power and thermostatically control your Kat's Heaters frost-plug-style engine block heater t will give power to the extension cord when it hits 35 degrees and shut off when it's 45 degrees. or Best Offer. Should we discuss 120/240 volts or 110/220 volts? The Plug-In Thermostat turns space Heaters/Window AC into programmable and more efficient. Thermostatically controlled outlet adapter, Thermostat-controlled outlet adapter operates with any 15 amp 120 volt electric heater or fan, Thermostat-controlled power outlet turns the power on and off automatically, according to the outside ambient air temperature, Converts a single outlet into a convenient double receptacle, Save money by using power only when temperature requires with this temperature-controlled electrical outlet adapter. The Thermo Cube is ideal for use in a variety of home and farm applications, including stock tank de-icers, pond de-icers, unheated rooms, pump houses, greenhouses, boats and RVs. This model is only available setup for heating but can be rewired for cooling (see instructions). Compare (TH106) Programmable Digital Thermostat $59.95. Quick Shop Compare. As many other thermostats, this one also can show the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, but you need to have on mind that if you choose Fahrenheit you only set every other degree. Save money by using power only when temperature requires with this temperature-controlled electrical outlet adapter. This "Cadet 48 inch 1,500 Watt portable electric baseboard in white" is the perfect solution for the cold months! Line & Low Voltage Thermostats, Relays & Transformers, Industrial/Commercial Space Thermostats, Plug In Inline Thermostats, Thermostat Wire ; Line Voltage Thermostats - 120, 208, 240 Volts - Digital or Mechanical - Programmable or Non-Programmable TH106, Honeywell Line Voltage Thermostat, SPST 120V or 240V. Select heating thermostat to control a heater or cooling thermostat to control fans and/or louvers. Thermostat Ice Free Cube 120-Volt 15 Amp Plug in Fixed 35°F On 45°F Off For use with plug-in SRP cable or electric For use with plug-in SRP cable or electric heaters for freeze protection. Low Voltage Thermostats. Inkbird ITC-306T Pre-Wired Electronic Heating Thermostat Temperature Controller and 24 Hours Digital Day & Night Cycle Timer Controller for Seed Germination Reptiles Hatching, Honeywell Home CT410B Manual 4 Wire Premium Baseboard/Line Volt Thermostat CT410B1017, Inkbird ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller 2-Stage Outlet Thermostat Heating and Cooling Mode Carboy Homebrew Fermenter Greenhouse Terrarium 110V 10A 1100W, Honeywell Home RLV4305A1000/E1 Electric Baseboard Heaters Rlv4305A1000/E 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat, 240 V, 1 Deg F, Whites, Line Voltage Mechanical Thermostat, Heating/Cooling, 120 to 277VAC, Ventamatic XXFIRESTAT 10-Amp Adjustable Programmable Thermostat with Firestat for Power Attic Ventilators, Replacement Thermostat, Inkbird Temperature and Humidity Controller ITC-608T Pre-Wired Dual Stage Thermostat 120VAC 15A 1800W ETL Listed Mushroom Greenhouse Homebrew, WILLHI WH1436A Temperature Controller 110V Digital Thermostat Switch Sous Vide Controller NTC 10K Sensor Improved Version, CADET MANUFACTURING CO 08121 White Single Pole Thermostat, Hongso Magnetic Thermostat Switch for Fireplace Stove Fan/Fireplace Blower kit, Dayton 6EDY5 Line Voltage Thermostat, 120-240V, SPDT, DIGITEN DTC101 Digital Thermostat Outlet Thermometer LCD Simple-Stage Plug-in Temperature Controller Heating or Cooling 110V 10A for Greenhouse Mushroom Terrarium Reptile Fermentation Homebrew, TPI KT121 Industrial Series Thermostat, SPST Heat Only, 6' Cord/Plug, Ventamatic XXDUOSTAT Adjustable Dual Thermostat/Humidistat Control for Power Attic Ventilators, Programmable Thermostat Outlet Plug for Space Heaters and A/Cs, 120v/ 110v 15 amps, Heavy Duty, bayite Temperature Controller 1650W BTC211 Digital Outlet Thermostat, Pre-Wired, 2 Stage Heating and Cooling Mode, 110V - 240V 15A, Inkbird C929 Smart Digital WiFi Temperature Controller 120VAC 1200W Heater or Cooler Thermostat Homebrewing Reptiles Terrarium Greenhouse Heat Mat, Honeywell TL7235A1003 Line Volt Pro Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat with Electronic Temperature Control, 240-Volt, Cadet Single Pole Built-In Thermostat Kit for Electric Baseboard Heaters (Model: BTF1W), 22 Amp, White, Inkbird New Thermostat ITC-608T 120V 15A 1800W US ETL 12 Period Time Dual Stage with Temperature Sensor, Attic Fan Thermostat, Attic Fan Control, Cooling Only, 120 to 240VAC, Plug In Line Voltage Mechanical Thermostat, Heating Only, 120VAC, bayite Temperature Controller BTC201 Pre-Wired Digital Outlet Thermostat, 2 Stage Heating and Cooling Mode, 110V - 240V 10A, BN-LINK Digital Cooling Thermostat Controller for Cooling Device Circulation Box Fans 40-108F 8.3A 1000W, Hycency Wireless Programmable Thermostat Plug Outlet, Electric Outlet Thermostat/Plug in Thermostat Control for Heaters and Coolers, Remote Control with Built-in Temp Sensor, 15 Amp, Bolsen Tech W1209 Cool Temp Thermostat Temperature Control Switch Temperature Controller Thermometer Thermo Controller, Inkbird All-Purpose Digital Temperature Controller Fahrenheit and Centigrade Thermostat with Sensor 2 Relays ITC-1000 for Refrigerator Fermenter, Farm Innovators TC-3 Cold Weather Thermo Cube Thermostatically Controlled Outlet - On at 35-Degrees/Off at 45-Degrees, DIGITEN Wireless Temperature Controlled Outlet, Digital Plug in Thermostat Outlet with Remote Control Built in Temp Sensor Heating & Cooling for A/C, Fans, Heaters (Remote Control Detect Temperature), HEATIT ET-21 Freeze Thermostatically Controlled outlet On at 38F /Off at 50F, Cadet 8734 White Double Pole Built In Baseboard Thermostat, SUBURBAN MFG 232306 Water Heater Thermostat Switch (1), Emerson 3F05-1 Adjustable Snap Disc Fan Control, Suburban Manufacturing Suburban 120V T-Stat/Limi 232306, Inkbird Temp Control Thermostat ITC1000 Dual Stage Digital Temperature Switch Controller ℃ ℉ Display Heating Cooling Relay NTC Sensor 3D Printer Freezer Fridge Hatching 110 Volt, KING K101 Single Pole Line Voltage Thermostat, 120-277V, White, BN-LINK Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Controller for Seed Germination, Reptiles and Brewing Breeding Incubation Greenhouse, 40-108°F, 8.3A 1000W ETL Listed, Aube by Honeywell Home TH106 Electric Heating 7-Day Programmable Thermostat, Honeywell Home RTH9585WF1004 Wi-Fi Smart Color Thermostat, 7 Day Programmable, Touch Screen, Energy Star, Alexa Ready, Honeywell Home RLV3120A1005 Digital Non-Programmable Thermostat, Temperature Controller, KKmoon AC110-240V 10A LED Digital Intelligent Pre-wired Temperature Controller Outlet with Sensor Thermostat Heating Cooling Control Switch, Honeywell TL8230A1003 Line Volt Thermostat 240/208 VAC 7 Day Programmble, Honeywell Home RLV3150A1004/E RLV3150A Non-Programmable Digital Electric Heat Thermostat for Electric Baseboards and Convectors, HoneyWell T498B1512 Electric Line Voltage Thermostat, Lux WIN100 Automatic Heating & Cooling 5-2 Day Programmable Outlet Thermostat, Compatible with Portable A/C, Fans, and Space Heaters, Inkbird ITC308 Freezer Thermostat Heating Cooling Plug Temperature Controller Outlet 110V 1200W Digital Temp Control for Greenhouse Heater Cooler Reptile Brewing Fermentation Kegerator Probe, Home Floor Heating Thermostat With 7 Day Programmble,Build in GFCI,Large LCD Display 120/240VAC,Saswell SAS968FHL-7, Inkbird C929 WiFi Digital Smart Thermostat 120VAC 1200W Temperature Controller IOS Android System Smartphone Heater Cooler Heating or Cooling Application, Mr. KAN Magnetic Temperature Switch Fireplace Blower kit, Magnetic Thermostat Switch for Fireplace Fan, Wood Stove Thermostat TS00, Inkbird ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller Outlet Thermostat 2-Stage 1100W with Sensor Reptile Beer Brewing Kegs Fridge Cured Meat Breeding Growing, VICOOL Thermostat Switch -Circuit ON At 100°F and OFF At 85°F -Large Flange- (new), Vicool hySC001N Variable Rheostat Speed On/Off Switch Ctrl, Fan Speed Control for Fireplace Stove Blower Fan, Suburban 232306 Thermostat Switch by Suburban, Inkbird WiFi ITC-308 Temperature Controller.

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