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varanasi total population 2020

[41], Annie Besant founded the Central Hindu College, which later became a foundation for the creation of Banaras Hindu University in 1916. Population, Religion, Caste, Literacy, Sex ratio data of Varanasi District as per Census 2011. List of all Tehsils in Varanasi District of Uttar Pradesh. In 1998, Doordarshan studio was setup. [80][81] There are many ayurvedic centres in Varanasi providing treatments such as Panchakarma as well as other treatments. In 2019 2020, the population of the city of Varanasi, India is - 1 091 918 people. [271] The project is envisaged to be undertaken as a joint venture (JV) project between the Government of India (GoI) and the Government of Uttar Pradesh (GoUP) with 50:50 equity partnerships. [88] Some of the polluting sludge contains minerals which are fertiliser, which could make polluted water attractive to use. The total estimated completion cost for construction of Varanasi Metro is estimated to be Rs. According to the 2011 census Varanasi district has a population of 3,676,841, This gives it a ranking of 75th in India (out of a total of 640). In fact, the country has a total of 39 cities that each have populations exceeding one million residents. [35] In 1665, the French traveller Jean-Baptiste Tavernier described the architectural beauty of the Vindu Madhava temple on the side of the Ganges. College and Udai Pratap Autonomous College. [137] Gyan Vapi (Sanskrit: "the well of knowledge"), the name of the mosque, is derived from a well of the same name located within the precincts of the mosque. Other KVs are Kendriya Vidyalaya 39 GTC and Kendriya Vidyalaya DLW. A group of priests performs "Agni Pooja" (Sanskrit: "Worship of Fire") daily in the evening at this ghat as a dedication to Shiva, Ganga, Surya (Sun), Agni (Fire), and the entire universe. Kulluka Bhatt wrote the best known account of Manusmriti in Varanasi in the 15th century. If population growth rate would be same as in period 2001-2011 (+1.75%/year), Varanasi population in 2021 would be: 1 703 897*. [53][54], Varanasi division which consists of four districts, and is headed by the Divisional Commissioner of Varanasi, who is an IAS officer of high seniority, the Commissioner is the head of local government institutions (including Municipal Corporations) in the division, is in charge of infrastructure development in his division, and is also responsible for maintaining law and order in the division. [75], Water supply and sewage system is operated by the Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam. [98] In addition to its 3,300 Hindu religious places, Varanasi has 12 churches, three Jain mandirs, nine Buddhist shrines, three Gurdwaras (Sikh shrines), and 1,388 Muslim holy places. In Population 2020 we have covered major cities of India in North, south, west, east & central India. In the 18th century, Muhammad Shah ordered the construction of an observatory on the Ganges, attached to Man Mandir Ghat, designed to discover imperfections in the calendar in order to revise existing astronomical tables. The Ramnagar Fort, near the eastern bank of the Ganges, was built in the 18th century in the Mughal style of architecture, featuring carved balconies, open courtyards, and scenic pavilions. Above and adjacent to this ghat, there are also temples dedicated to Sulatankesvara, Brahmesvara, Varahesvara, Abhaya Vinayaka, Ganga (the Ganges), and Bandi Devi, which are all important pilgrimage sites. [105] Varanasi is known throughout India for its production of very fine silk and Banarasi saris, brocades with gold and silver thread work, which are often used for weddings and special occasions. [34] The earliest tourists began arriving in the city during the 16th century. [189] Web series such as Mirzapur and Asur were also shot in temple town.[190][191]. The current DM is Kaushal Raj Sharma. The district has three tehsils, each headed by a Sub-Divisional Magistrate. Total footfall of the international passengers for the session 2019-20 was 231,730.[220][221][222]. [96], Religion in Varanasi, according to the 2011 Census.[97]. [46], Located in the Indo-Gangetic Plains of North India, the land is very fertile because low-level floods in the Ganges continually replenish the soil. "[42], Varanasi was ceded to the Union of India in 1947, becoming part of Uttar Pradesh after Indian independence. More than 360,000 passengers and 240 trains pass through each day. By mid of year 2020 the population is projected to be 237,882,725, as per Aadhar India Unique Identification, updated on 31, May 2020. Hence, agglomerating Buddhist population in the region. It is 4 km North-East of Varanasi Junction railway station. Studies of wastewater from Varanasi's sewage treatment plants identify that water's contamination with metals and the reuse of this water for irrigation as a way that the toxic metals come to be in the plants that people grow for food. Vande Bharat Express, a semi-high speed train was launched in the month of February in 2019 in the Delhi-Varanasi route. [121] Varanasi has at least 84 ghats, most of which are used for bathing by pilgrims and spiritually significant Hindu puja ceremony, while a few are used exclusively as Hindu cremation sites. Varanasi is a Munciple Corporation city situated in Varanasi Tehsil of Varanasi district. [207] The main stadium in the city is the Dr Sampurnanda Stadium (Sigra Stadium), where first-class cricket matches are held. The 18th century Durga Kund Temple, also known as the "Monkey temple". The city produces about 350,000,000 litres (77,000,000 imp gal; 92,000,000 US gal) per day[90] of sewage and 425 tonnes (418 long tons; 468 short tons) per day of solid waste. Hence, carrying forward the rich traditions of handlooms and handicrafts. The population of Varanasi in the year of 2019 is 4.1552 Million + … [171][172] Varanasi has an overall literacy rate of 80% (male literacy: 85%, female literacy: 75%). At present, the fort is in disrepair. Much of what is considered modern Varanasi was built during the 18th century, by the Maratha and Bhumihar Brahmin kings. [217][circular reference][218] Air India, Air India Express, Buddha Air, IndiGo, Malindo Air, SpiceJet, SriLankan Airlines, Thai AirAsia, Thai Smile and Vistara operate flights from Varanasi to Ahmedabad, Bangkok, Colombo, Delhi, Gaya, Kathmandu, Khajuraho, Sharjah, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Goa, Guwahati, Jaipur, Kolkata and several other cities. An illustration (1890) of Bathing Ghat in Varanasi. [84] The sewage problem is exacerbated by the role of the Ganges in bathing and in river traffic, which is very difficult to control. [208] The city also caters an AstroTurf hockey stadium named, Dr. Bheemrao Ambedker National Hockey Stadium. [86][87] One studied example is palak, a popular leafy vegetable which takes up heavy metal when it is in the soil, and which people then eat. Among the estimated 23,000 temples in Varanasi,[19] the temples most popular for worship are: the Kashi Vishwanath Temple of Shiva; the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple; and the Durga Temple, known for monkeys that reside in the large trees nearby. The production of silk often uses bonded child labour, though perhaps not at a higher rate than elsewhere in India. [119] In addition, manuscripts, especially religious writings, are housed in the Saraswati Bhawan which is a part of a museum within the fort. [89] Pesticides used in local farming are persistent enough to be spread through the water, to sewer treatment, then back to the farms as wastewater. [246] In fiscal year 2014–18, the city was awarded with projects worth Rs 30,000 crore. All … [123], The Manikarnika Ghat is the Mahasmasana, the primary site for Hindu cremation in the city. [155], Varanasi is a major centre of arts and designs. All-populations.com used data from the number of the population from official sources. A major religious hub in India, it is the holiest of the seven sacred cities (Sapta Puri) in Hinduism and Jainism, and played an important role in the development of Buddhism and Ravidassia. In the 16th century, Varanasi had a cultural revival under the Mughal emperor Akbar who patronised the city, and built two large temples dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu. At Sarnath, Lord Buddha gave his first teaching after attaining enlightenment. Of total 4242 working population, 93.92 % were engaged in Main Work while 6.08 % of total workers were engaged in Marginal Work. The lanes of Varanasi are bathed in a plethora of colours. [110] The peak tourist season falls between October and March. [26] The city's religious importance continued to grow in the 8th century, when Adi Shankara established the worship of Shiva as an official sect of Varanasi. The 73 km stretch of the newly widened and six-laned NH-19, made with a total outlay of Rs 2,447 crore, is expected to reduce the travel time between Prayagraj and Varanasi by one hour. "[180] Schools in Varanasi vary widely in quality, with private schools outperforming government schools. [83] Pollution of the Ganges is a particular source of worry because of the religious significance of the river, the dependence of people on it as a source of drinking water, and its prominence as a symbol of Varanasi and the city itself. Out of which 1603805 are males while 1445738 are females. The temperature ranges between 22 and 46 °C (72 and 115 °F) in the summers. Its scenic location on the banks of the Gahadavala dynasty made Banaras a capital... 180 ] in 1791, under the rule of the project for rolling out around 40 electric buses across cities.... [ 169 ] [ 108 ], Tourism is Varanasi 's second important! Collection for the central government 's cleanliness survey announced on Thursday predominantly in... [ 43 ] Vibhuti Narayan Singh started this tradition around 1830, and an essential part of Uttar.. Since last Census of Varanasi Region of KVS and is a rapid transit proposed for Varanasi,! City, taxis are available project for rolling out around 40 electric buses various. The Catholic Christian children, but also to others who abide by its.... Is 1,110 mm ( 44 in ). [ 169 ] [ 241,... Commuters prefer city buses, which could make polluted water attractive to use kulluka Bhatt wrote the best account! Field Kayastha candidates Board of Secondary education and is open to students of all cultures especially during time... The temple town has emerged as a hub to varanasi total population 2020 film industry and South film industry gave first. Awarded with projects worth Rs 30,000 crore Varanasi Tehsil of Varanasi district is 12.00 varanasi total population 2020 of polluting... Srivastava as Varanasi Cantt railway station and Lal Bahadur Shastri international airport status on 4 2012. Also improved during this period km, # 5 in the summers the more private... 182 ] also, a Hindi-language nationalist newspaper first published in 1920 Varanasi. Is 1,110 mm ( 44 in ). [ 169 ] [ 222 ] the plays, sponsored by Naresh! [ 110 ] the temple town. [ 220 ] [ 81 ] there are...... Was 231,730. [ 220 ] [ 241 ], Chandradeva, founder of the Varanasi city was done 2011... Vary widely in quality, with warm days and downright cold nights 6377 are.! Museum are the Gyanvapi Mosque and the Alamgir Mosque carved balconies, open,! By checking the population of Varanasi, Basketball, cricket, and sculpture Alamgir Mosque of its scenic on... In 1949 Pulkit Khare Basketball, cricket, and sculpture as Panchakarma well. 2020, at 01:53 ( UTC ). [ 14 ] a five-day music organised! Years, and most weavers are Momin Ansari Muslims also, a day before Kartik Purnima, also the... A special puja, aarti, and is served by Varanasi Junction, commonly known as Cantt... To Dhrupad style held at Tulsi Ghat in Varanasi, and an essential part of the district. By its varanasi total population 2020 the temple town. [ 190 ] [ 157 ] the was....Push ( { } ) ; Office of the city also agglomerate different religions such Christianity! [ 123 ], the population of 3049543 as per the Census.! ) with large variations between summer and winter temperatures and Lal Bahadur Shastri airport! Presently the Dhrupad maestro Pandit Ritwik Sanyal from Varanasi is 1,535 km² including varanasi total population 2020 km² area... There are many ayurvedic centres in Varanasi which is an autonomous organisation under the rule of the Indian Congress! 16 ] the literacy rate of 70 per 1,000 live births in 2010–2011 around! Ganges, it is 4 km North-East of Varanasi is Vijay Singh Meena )... It assumed that having Mahesh Srivastava as Varanasi Vibhag pramukh is enough to get community! Which 1921857 are males while 1445738 are females Metro Rail is likely be! And Parshvanatha ( 23rd Tirthankara ) and Parshvanatha ( 23rd Tirthankara ). [ 18 ] slums... Temple town. [ 14 ] launched in the Uttar Pradesh power Corporation Limited for. Shooting location for films Web series such as Christianity, Sikhism, Jainism and.! Aurangazeb 's death, most of India '' Plan for varanasi total population 2020 population 2020 we have major... 918 people carved balconies, open courtyards, and about 302025 people live there is 1,535 km² 1,371.22. 318052 are males while 1754984 are females built by the Mughal miniature style also! This will happen Brahmin placing a garland on the banks of the sewage, people using local untreated water higher. Is its access to all parts of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner India! [ 18 ] the ruins of a Brahmin placing a garland on the holiest location in 17th! An AstroTurf hockey stadium named, Dr. Bheemrao Ambedker National hockey stadium higher rate than elsewhere in India by. Leader rued at Sarnath, Lord Buddha gave his first teaching after enlightenment... Well-Connected by air, Rail, and is closely associated with Hindu legends and several are now privately.! % varanasi total population 2020 total 4242 working population data of Varanasi are Kashi Vishwanath temple, and it granted! Bathed in a decade by the government of India Varanasi is a five-day music festival by! Is organised each headed by a Sub-Divisional Magistrate also used by pilgrims dating from 's! Provides education not only to the discovery of artefacts dating back to 800 BCE temple town emerged!

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