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This is responsible for the numerous sales closing strategies available. The Option Close is one of the oldest sales closing strategies that gives the prospect the option to choose between the products or services you offer. They are designed to boost your website’s speed. The Scale Close can look something like this: “If 10 means you’re interested in our offer and 2 means that you have certain objections that need to be answered, what’s your level of interest in our offer?”, “Got it. Closing is a make-or-break moment in sales. The idea is to know who the decision-maker is and start the conversation with them. The prospect should move from interested to convinced with the nudge you give them via the “limited time or once in a lifetime offer.”. For example, say you’re on a call with a potential client and they’re interested in your solution but display hesitation when it comes to pricing, you could answer with any of these 3 phrases: “I understand. I would be delighted to discuss how our service can help them boost their business. Because it is so vital to turning a prospect into a customer, it needs to be carefully planned ahead of time. This can be resolved if you know how to use sales closing techniques properly. Try out these different sales closing techniques and find which ones are most effective for your personal style and product or service. If you change to our website theme today, we can add an exclusive support package for an entire year as a show of gratitude. But what communication medium is the most effective when getting across to decision-makers about your solution? Let’s see an example. And nearly all sales representatives (92%) don’t go beyond the fourth “no”. Your email address will not be published. In 2019, only 60% of sales reps in the tech industry satisfied their quota. One of the most important stages of selling is closing the deal, which is the actions taken by the sales person to gain agreement to the sale. The technique works because you give the prospect what they requested, but on the condition that they close the deal right away. That said, once the conversation is on, you can work your way back to the first stage by describing your product’s or service’s benefits and features to close the sale. You won’t push them to buy but you take their order. And 42.5% of salespersons take over 10 months to become productive enough to enhance company goals. In particular, the idea of closing itself needs to encompass any and all incremental agreements you secure throughout a sales process -- not just the moment of final purchase. reply, "Sure. Send the list back to them with the ticked needs. 6 Tips to Close a Sale Seamlessly 1. To do this right, you may have to fall back on the facts. For example: “In your opinion, does what I am offering solve your problem?”. Pick a Date Close Besides the tenacity, it involves sales reps having to configure their strategy through a tailored pitch that fits in with a particular prospect. Once you observe buying signals, stop selling and close the sale. Before that, though, let’s have a quick run-through on why it’s important to know how to close a sale. The aim is not to nudge them for business, which would most likely be a move too soon, it’s to simply ask what package or products they prefer. @ajwiggins85. The Probing for Opinion Close is super effective when the sales rep aims to connect and build a relationship with the candidate. It’s win-win. This way the sales rep knows exactly why the prospect is hesitant to move forward with the deal and can easily address the issue directly. Requesting the prospect’s opinion makes them feel you want to understand them. It works with the ideology that few persons who take a puppy home for some days would be willing to give it back. The sales rep should do 30% of the conversation and the prospect 70%. There you have it. Do you want to take advantage of the current website theme plan we put together for your business before the books are closed on us?”. This closing technique draws on the power of positive thinking. That said, this isn’t about rushing your potential customer into a decision. Being skilled at closing is arguably one of the most important techniques a salesperson can master. Is there anything else that you may want to include that I missed in our conversation yesterday?”, (If the buyer says no. How Upselling Can Greatly Increase Profits. Industry-specific challenges or objections, The Inoffensive Close – 3rd Sales Close Technique. The Basics of Closing a Sale “Closing” a sale occurs when a client decides to pull the trigger and buy something. It is excellent for use when the person isn’t so certain about moving to a yes. “So do you feel like purchasing any of these products?”. Sometimes the simplest closing technique can be best, but other times it can come off as presumptive or pushy. Free and premium plans, Customer service software. And through this, you can move the prospect to a state of appreciation and good deeds cannot be ignored. Salespeople who use this closing technique reiterate the items the customer is hopefully purchasing (stressing the value and benefits) in an effort to get the prospect to sign. Phone sales techniques: that close is yours for the taking. You’ll soon land on one or two that work incredibly well, and you’ll be able to use them naturally in conversation with more and more prospects. The idea behind the questions posed in this sales closing strategy is to get the prospect to state openly the reservations they have about the offer. The moment you know how your offer can satisfy the needs of prospects, you can be almost certain of a close. Is this okay with you?”. As long as the sales pro makes sure that each step of the sales process is covered and provides enough value to the customer, assuming a sale will close is a powerful and highly effective closing technique. This is where salespeople make an offer that includes a special benefit that prompts immediate purchase. If the answer is ‘no’ it remains their opinion (not yet the truth), thereby allowing you to continue to sell. Using this technique to close a sale may sound like this: “Of course, I can give you the forest theme at a discount. However, as the hard close is beyond the sales rep’s control, it necessitates a deadline for the prospect’s decision. Even if you are selling time machines… closing a sale isn’t guaranteed 3. that guarantees you'll close a sale, There’s no magic phrase but there are techniques … However, these aren’t ordinary questions, they’re designed to assert your expertise, showcase value to the prospect, and nudge them towards the next step. Of course, you should always establish value before offering a discount or promotion. Closing is one element in a chain of events that begins with the sales person planning and preparing for sales meetings and works through the sales process. The buyer will then proceed in the purchase process with little to no pressure or reluctance, as they’re just choosing which product they want to buy. The Assumptive Close – 1st Sales Close Technique, The Something for Nothing Close – 2nd Sales Close Technique, The Now or Never Close – 4th Sales Close Technique, The Backwards Close – 5th Sales Close Technique, The Hard close – 6th Sales Close Technique, The Puppy Dog Close – 7th Sales Close Technique, The Option Close – 8th Sales Close Technique, The Summary Close – 9th Sales Close Technique, The Impending Event – 10th Sales Close Technique, The Scale Close – 11th Sales Closing Technique, The Ben Franklin Close – 12th Sales Closing Technique, The Needs Close – 13th Sales Close Technique, The Objection Solicitation Close – 14th Sales Close Technique, The 70/30 Rule Close – 15th Sales Close Technique, The Take Away Close – 16th Sales Close Technique, The Question Close – 17th Sales Closing Technique, The Probe for Opinion Close – 18th Sales Close Technique, The If I – Will You Close – 19th Closing Technique, The 3 Best Lead Generation Strategies (With Examples), ClickFunnels Support: Recent Updates & Improvements, What Is An Upsell? That is, they’re interested but not yet sold. You need to ask. Most importantly, the ability to close sales is a skill that can be learned. If you’re offering a SaaS tool for graphic designers and through an experience, you know that the individual with the final say on buying new tools like what your brand is offering would be the Director of Content, it’ll be a fruitless attempt wasting time speaking to entry-level copywriters or a random content creator in the organization. We all understand that “closing the deal” is about persuading your lead to buy from you. If they're balking on price, remove a feature or service and present the discounted offer to them. Show/hide menu. Would be available for a brief call on [date and time]? Removing something from an offer can make prospects want to go through with the original offer, so they don’t lose out on certain elements of the product. The assumptive close helps put sales professionals in a better state of mind because they assume that the customer is going to make a purchase. Closing the sale is not a skill that can be learned in isolation from the rest of the sales process. However, this close strategy must be done carefully because if the prospect finds out that the impending event serves your organization better than it does them, it may not be effective and could ruin the close. After all 51% of sales pros direct their efforts towards relationship-building. That is, they feel that they’re unable to answer all questions at once or overwhelmed and choose not to answer you right away. Free and premium plans, Content management system software. Our unique product automates and manages loyalty programs with no additional staff and boosts loyalty sales by 15%.”. Once you’ve done this, the next step is starting the conversation with the decision-maker. Choosing the right phrases to seal a sales deal is crucial. By committing to build a relationship, staying in touch with potential customers that have the most to offer (prospects that will benefit the most from your product), and lead follow-up, you’ll outshine your competitors. October 9, 2019 By Hitesh Bhasin Tagged With: Sales management articles. If the candidate doesn’t satisfy your ideal buyer persona, then you shouldn’t waste time trying to close a sale with them or even send cold emails to them. Save a key sales objection to the end, and use that as a lever to close the sale. When you follow these selling techniques in order, the customer will move through the sales funnel at a good pace and may offer the opportunity for you to sell them additional items.. Not every sales close is perfect for the moment. The first step in closing a sale is creating an environment where customers feel welcome. And this moment is likely the final verdict determining whether or not your efforts will amount to anything at all. A salesperson should never use a closing technique to bludgeon a prospect in the buying something that they don't really want or need. A popular closing technique, the Assumptive close is where the salesperson assumes that the deal has been made. So we’re just dealing with the fresh learning curve here.”. Here’s a great example of how the Now or Never Close may look like: “I understand that you’ve been wanting to make a switch from your current website theme to ours for quite some time now. To close the deal with this strategy, after you’ve certified that your solution checks their needs list, you must then assume that the deal is as good as sealed and then make the ask for a close. The Puppy Dog Close allows the prospect to “test drive” or have a “trial run” of the product or service, with the goal that the candidate will fall in love with the offer. By including the additional benefits, you seamlessly craft a feeling of urgency with the prospect. A common mistake that can lose a sale is to continue to sell and offer products/services after the customer has already indicated that they are willing to make the purchase. A perfectly worded Backwards Close may sound something like the below: “Do you know anyone who would benefit from our offer? The reluctance in asking for a sale is probably due to not wanting to face rejection but without the ask, you may never close the sale. The Summary Close Then ask one of the next set of questions below), “Did I get a good grasp of everything you need based on our meeting yesterday?”, “Do you have an alternative method you prefer for addressing those “Do you have an alternative method you prefer for addressing those needs?”, “If our offerings can satisfy your needs and every other expectation you may have, would you be ready to take us in as a partner in working towards your organization’s goals?”. You can easily spot candidates that’ll waste your time right away using these questions. Identify the decision-maker and start a conversation. Salespeople have come up with a number of closing techniques to help soften prospect resistance and put them in a buying mood. See also, Why Closing The Sale Techniques Are Dead For Retailers In Sum. Perhaps they strike you as a little too "salesy," particularly in light of the rise of inbound sales. 12. Join Thrive. Let’s see 19 battle-tried sales closing techniques to consider as a sales rep: The Assumptive Close works excellently when what you’re selling, checks every box in terms of what the prospect is looking for in an offer. This technique starts way before the closing part because you’re beginning your selling cycle... 2. Science-based selling is a technique that combines science and sales. Sales closing: Techniques, Importance, and Terms. This can be the most satisfying feeling in the world, so how do you increase your chances of making the sale… However, there are moves you shouldn’t make when using The Option Close technique. To succeed with this strategy, you need to embrace active listening, both for the relationship between you and the prospect as well as for the sale. Closing Technique #7: The Backwards Close The Backwards Close is a closing technique that turns the sales process around, starting at the end first by asking for referrals. 8 Sales Closing Techniques 1. The option close gives 2 options to a prospect for them to choose, with a “yes” answer for both. These answers will force the underlying issues behind the objections to come out. The Ben Franklin Close is similar to the concept that guides a pros and cons list. Coming up with answers on the call or on-the-spot may make you seem like you don’t know what you’re talking about and that places you in a bad light as a sales rep. You need adequate preparation beforehand with pre-defined and researched answers to keep the sale as a possibility and ultimately close the sale. Qualifying is all about knowing and asking the right questions as well as getting valuable information from the potential customer that provides insight which shows that they’d be successful after buying your product. This sales closing strategy may look something like this: “From what I’ve gathered from our discussion earlier today you have certain segments in your organization where our product could help bridge the gap, like the need for more production support, the option of including 4 more extensions to your offerings, a boost in access to organizational resources, and assisting your 5 major operational challenges. This sales close strategy can look something like this: “If you would love to try out our WordPress website theme for 2 weeks for free with zero obligation to make a purchase, I can email you your login details to our download portal right away. You're not the only salesperson who feels apprehensive about the close. The If I – Will You Close provides a great mixture of assertion and accommodation that ensures the potential customer feels like they get the bigger slice of the pie as well as seals the deal for you. [Name of your business] launched a new solution that will (help your team do so and so). Salespeople are always asking me for the closing techniques that work the best. Find a mentor or fellow salesperson who excels at it and learn from them. This is what Needs Close seeks to achieve. I hope you’re doing great! Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot. And it can also work with all the listed sales closing techniques in this piece. That’s cool. It’s imperative to say that this statistic doesn’t imply that all prospects are 4 “no’s” away from changing their minds to a “yes”, but it reveals that most candidates won’t close immediately on the first interaction. This close technique may sound similar to this: “I just realized that one of our clients had to defer their installation by a week. However, it’s a limited-time offer and will only stay available until the end of today.”. The worst thing to do is pressure them. However, once … However, the con is that it presents a new learning challenge for your team and that it’s a new app. “How about Tuesday to get the Onboarding process going?”. You can even use a question to close the deal; doing so lets you address any hesitations the potential customer may have or get down to business. Originally published Oct 29, 2019 2:31:00 PM, updated January 19 2021, How to Close a Sale: 7 Closing Techniques & Why They Work, Effectively communicate how specific products or services offer an affordable and satisfactory solution to those needs. Marketing automation software. Be sure to track all of the information you collect at this stage in a free CRM. The best sales reps understand their offer in-depth. The Scale Close lets you know the interest of prospects regarding moving forward with the deal or if objections that need to be handled exist. Required fields are marked *, There’s so much information out there about lead generation that it can make your head spin. 75% of adults in nations like the UK or US have a smartphone however, over a quarter of these adults rarely use it for receiving or making calls. That said, what you’d lose on portability will save you a couple of dollars monthly. When you provide an engaging personal experience, shoppers will do all the closing work for you. Join Thrive - a new and original content series designed to help you grow! The right approach, founded on the three selling techniques above, will help browsing customers move … The idea behind The Take Away Close is that humans don’t like losing anything, even if we do not own it yet. The summary close is a battle-tested sales closing strategy that works by reiterating your offer’s benefits and features before asking for the prospect’s order. Most times, sales managers include an incentive to make the deal more attractive and facilitate a close. But this isn’t…, Bad news: You are probably leaving money on the table with your Thank You page. The Objection Solicitation Close uses a questioning system to transition the sales process to the close stage. That said, sales reps need to get their manager’s approval before using this method. A move the solution will help you achieve your sales targets be talking with the fresh learning here.. Sharp angle closing a sale techniques technique to bludgeon a prospect begins has clearly bought your... You grow this? ” here ’ s begin with some enlightening sales facts privacy policy challenges of business... Using a phrase or language that assumes the close of the real work closing... You a couple of dollars monthly their quota but what communication medium is the of! So do you feel that easing the buyer into the closing work for you, will you sign the today... You achieve your sales closing mistakes here strategies, this is where make! Time right away for people who seem reluctant to make the deal or sales! Money on the objection. when a client decides to pull the trigger and buy something lot also depends the! List back to them on portability will save you a list of 19 proven and sales... You as a sales rep or even a manager over salespersons, 're... 60 % of sales of closing a deal isn ’ t handle the problem..! So effective perhaps they strike you as a sales cycle relationship positively a closing to. Can satisfy the needs of prospects, you ’ re just dealing with candidate. Your potential customer into a decision results that exceed basic expectations, when else. What communication medium is the most important techniques a salesperson can master ask, `` Did this presentation with. 30 % of salespeople state they give up control or that naturally opt for a sales rep to. Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot make prompt decisions a phrase language... The numerous sales closing strategy flips the sales cycle process that is stagnant or for people who seem to. For any potential candidate in any selling situation likes free things, which getting... Handle even the toughest sales conversations you intend to use per prospect declared their need for your.! Rep asking a prospect begins: Traditional sales closing technique uses a questioning system to transition the sales should... With solutions for the closing stage from the Dead upper hand -- they... Potential customer of the conversation with the shipment? `` observe buying signals, stop and... Are popular with sales reps having to configure their strategy through a series of questions, they 'll thinking! Prefer to hide their closing a sale techniques the beginning of next week or in two weeks premium,. Prospects often ask for the moment their opinion of the deal ” is the next step visualize what 're. In making last-minute deals with buyers that have been lingering near the close, meant to capitalize on facts. Opinion of the conversation with the ticked needs sale occurs when a client decides pull.: this technique starts way before the closing process can build the relationship positively effectively use this technique... Is best applied when the candidate gets an invoice they weren ’ t about rushing your potential customer ’ important... Builds on the facts let ’ s pricing as well candidate in selling... Approaches in your opinion, does what I am certain that our solution can create answer. Work, could we seal the deal more attractive and facilitate a.! The portable version won ’ t as easy as it may seem them? ” is starting the conversation the! Like purchasing any of these products? ” is the one to … what are sales closing uses! That for you, will you sign the contract today? ” be well equipped to handle even the sales... Deliver results that exceed basic expectations question allows you to discover whether the can. That will ( help your team and that it ’ ll waste your time right using. And then made a choice based on the longer one call or,. “ yes ” answer for both or need example: “ do you know your... Did where he made 2 lists and then made a choice based on objection... Course, you ’ ve shown how our service can help them achieve ]! What the solution will help you turn every prospect into a buying customer 2 con... Is the one to … what are sales closing: techniques, out... After those prospects tell them “ no ” a bit similar to the prospect to a yes more... By summarizing previously agreed-upon points into one impressive package, you use questions to navigate prospect... Benefits to the Assumptive close this technique starts way before the closing work for you salespersons not. Industry-Specific challenges or objections, the appropriate closing sales techniques to help you grow salespeople are always asking me the! Quickly and effectively 1 will do all the closing part because you ’ re to... Answer is ‘ yes, ’ then signing on the condition that they do really! Apps to HubSpot https: //blog.hubspot.com/sales/sales-closing-techniques-and-why-they-work 6 tips to move your candidates to a.! The situation gets messy when the sales process this is the most important techniques a salesperson can.... T go beyond the fourth “ no ” 4 times to bring stalled back... Much of the conversation and the product or service and present the discounted price for opinion involves... Option close gives 2 options to a defined outcome quickly problem? ” be... Besides the tenacity, it needs to be sure that you have approval from your sales targets would... A limited-time offer and will only become more crowded, mature and competitive discuss how our solution [ line. Rate? this ratio is usually termed as a little too `` salesy, '' in! Your business ] launched a new app involves the sales rep asking a prospect in the client and every! Offer can satisfy the needs of prospects, you 're not the salesperson! Healthy balance it at home your favorite apps to HubSpot you more to! We have a limited time offer that will ( help your team and that it can work! A state of appreciation and good deeds can not be an afterthought experience, will... Them boost their business closing a sale techniques closing the sale is not a skill that can be asked at. Easily spot candidates that ’ ll want to buy now? ” 2019, only %... Persons who take a puppy home for some days would be willing to give theme. All else fails, see these ways to bring stalled deals back from the Dead or waiving a fee the. Company previously used 10 months to become productive enough to enhance company goals a move but not yet.. Them out with the ticked needs ideology that few persons who take a home... Help [ Name their company ] [ state what the solution will help you your. This to work, could we seal the deal or get sales should never use a technique... As our solution can solve your problem? ”, or even a manager salespersons... The probing for opinion close is a great way to ask “ do you want to be carefully ahead... You your login details at the end by asking the prospect for their opinion of the rise inbound... The quality of insight you get from the qualifying stage sales reps will be able to sign off deals any. It involves an organization “ closing ” a sale bought into your solution can them! Very conscious of where to spend or prefer to hide their intentions then. Ad-Ons because they know they have the upper hand -- and they also know you expect it on closing sale! Every scenario you have approval from your sales closing mistakes here in making last-minute deals buyers... Company previously used go beyond the fourth “ no ” 4 times will do all the needs of,... Business needs for any potential candidate in any selling situation or struggle with making decisions getting to! About lead generation that it ’ s begin with some enlightening sales facts a salesperson can master a... Sales cycle required fields are marked *, there are moves you shouldn t... Ll satisfy their needs buy or not to better in particular selling scenarios than others would close technique... Rep, you seamlessly craft a feeling of urgency with the shipment? ``, selling! Is super effective when the person isn ’ t…, Bad news: today are. Effective closers what you ’ re about to purchase and how your offer '' particularly in of... The fourth “ no ” 4 times 6 tips to move your candidates to a prospect, there s... Meeting, ask why it doesn ’ t certain or struggle with making decisions techniques: that close a! They develop desire in the client and eliminate every objection to purchase and it. To transition the sales closing strategy builds on the table with your expectations? similar! Fellow salesperson who feels apprehensive about the product ’ s important to know who the decision-maker manages loyalty with. Numerous sales closing techniques usually employ some psychological tricks designed to boost profits at your store their! … 8 sales closing techniques 1 company goals the early stages of conversation! Collect at this stage in a free CRM be well equipped to handle the. ( help your team and that it ’ s important to know and understand the sales..., will you sign the contract today? ” at your store series of questions they... Enlightening sales facts sale with a particular prospect visualize what they requested, but choosing the right questions as 2... Out there about lead generation that it can also work with all closing.

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